How do I setup an account?

Setting up an account is simple, and can be done in two ways:

First, you can click on the "My Account" link on the top of the site's pages. You’ll see the option to log on as a “New Customer” or as a “Returning Customer”. Of course since you’re a newbie you’ll want to fill out a few tidbits of info as a “New Customer”: name, email, and password. Once this info is completed click “Log On As A New Customer” and you’ll be taken to a 2nd page at which time you can fill out your shipping and billing info if you so desire…bing, bang, boom…you’re done! Your account page can then be accessed at any time by using your customer logon (your email address) and your chosen password. And don't worry, we don't carve your information in stone - if you ever want to edit your account information, you can do so through your personal account page, or during the checkout process.

You can also setup your account during the checkout process. When you’re ready to make your first purchase, you’ll be required to set up an account. When prompted you’ll want to login as a “New Customer” just as you did in the above scenario. After you complete your account setup, you can access and view your account information by logging on to your personal account page using your logon (your email address) and chosen password. And, like we mentioned above, you an edit your account information at any time!

Can I update my account information?

Yes. You can update your personal account information at any time by logging into your account; simply click on “My Account” and enter your email and password. You can also edit your shipping and billing information each time you make a purchase (in case, for example, you want to use a different credit card from the one on file, or if you want to ship the purchase to a different address as a gift). Simply click on the "edit" links by the information you want to edit. Once you've made your changes, click on the "Save Changes" links to confirm your changes. That's it! And remember, you can always change your information back if you ever want to do so.

What happens if I forgot my password?

No problem. Maybe elephants never forget, but people sure do! That's why we'll remember your password for you. If for any reason you forget it, simply click on the "I Forgot My Password" link when logging on to your personal account page, or when completing the checkout process. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and once you click on the “Send Me My Password By Email” button, check your email as your password will be delivered in a flash. Of course you can also always give us a call and we'll give you your password (after making sure it's you, of course!!).