Buddy, a seasoned 14-year old Jack Russell terrier who has been surfing off the coast of Ventura County, Calif., for the last decade with his owner Brucer Hooker, will be inducted into Surf Dog Hall of Fame on September 11th.

The athletic pooch has garnered numerous tournament wins, including the first four Surf Dog Surf-A-Thons. He became the “Fido face of dog surfing” after appearances on Animal Planet, Pet Star, ESPN, CNN, NBC and the CBS Morning Show.

The Surf Dog Hall of Fame is slated as part of the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, the world’s largest dog surfing event. This event raises funds for the center’s orphaned animals.

Congratulations, Buddy! Keep on shredding those waves!

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Ready to buy a surfboard? Purchasing a surfboard could be one of the most difficult pieces of sport equipment to buy. There are so many variables in surfboard design that influence the way the surfboard will ride! Just a few elementary questions include, “What kind of tail do you want?,” “What kind of rails do you want?” Plus, you have to think of the fin set-up, the rocker, the bottom, how thick, how wide… it can get downright overwhelming and confusing. Remember, no one surfboard design works in all waves, all of the time. This is why so many different surfboard designs exist and why some surfers have a collection of surfboards to cover a range of different waves and surf conditions. Continue reading

By now, we all know that Kelly Slater won this week’s competition in Tahiti against Aussie Owen Wright, the 5th stop of the 11 stop tour to crown the ASP World Champion of 2011. Teahupoo, which usually brings in giant waves and is notoriously treacherous, had such huge swells this year that the ASP World Tour declared a “code red” situation one day because the swells were too large and breaking too swiftly to be safely caught by paddle power.

It was during this off day, in the middle of the event, when more than a dozen surfers conquered the massive surf and participated in what some observers described as the most incredible and intense big-wave session ever recorded. Tow surfers thrive on these giant swells – skiing onto building waves behind personal watercraft, then letting go of the rope and surfing on customized boards

Among the men and women who conquered the thunderous breakers, including a handful of World Tour surfers and some who endured monumental wipeouts, were Dylan Longbottom, Dean Morrison, Julian Wilson, Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Maya Gabeira, Keala Kennelly and Danilo Costa.

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If you’re on the quest to be healthy, check out Surfing and Health, Doc Paskowitz’s insights on how to live a fit and flourishing life. At 90, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, is one of the oldest living legends of surfing. Renowned as an early pioneer of the sport, Paskowitz was a Stanford-educated physician who gave up practicing medicine for a living, and decided to become a professional surfer after he felt he was living a meaningless, fraudulent life.

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The Liquid Nation Ball, an annual event that draws surf industry legends and the top players in the surf industry to support surf-related humanitarian organizations, is coming up on Saturday, September 17. Continue reading