Spring has sprung, the sun has passed over the equator, and now we have even more sunshine in our days. Woohoo! Pass the shades, please.

We’re really stoked on RAEN, an independent eyewear brand based out of Encinitas, CA. Founded by creative agency Libre Design, these sunglasses really have some distinct elements that you won’t find elsewhere.

Good thing since we’re having a great sale on their cool specs right now! Get 40% Off All Raen Sunglasses, and classic Quiksilver shades, too.

Here are a few of our fave shade designs from both of these two cool brands:

RAEN Flyte
Get peripheral coverage and a modern silhouette with Raen Flyte sunglasses. They’ve got a luxury 70s vibe, feature a handcrafter Zyl acetate frame, a CR-39 lens offering 100% UVA/UVB protection, and the black polarized look will make you look even that more intriguing. $83.99, down from $140.00.

RAEN Pogue
Retro. Check out these unique frames that have an exaggerated black-horn rim and slender, metal stems. We love the mint green frames that will have others definitely take a second look. Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision and an adjustable bridge for an optimum fit. $92.99, down from $155.00.

RAEN Flowers
Designed by professional surfer Alex Knost, The Flowers in Sea Glass delivers a rounded, flat-faced frame with bold individual style and a touch of avant-garde. An homage to the historic windsor style eyeglass, we totally appreciate its accentuated simplicity. $60.99, down from $102.00.

A staple in the Quiksilver lineup, the Fluid XL style has been available for years so you can look like Kelly Slater who sported these after winning his tenth ASP world title. Features sleek 10 x 4.5 Base toric lenses, and a custom metal logo inlay. 100% UV protection, distortion free, optically correct and shatter resistant. $75.00, down from $125.00.

You’ll be able to take the heat with the Quiksilver The Heat sunglasses. They’ll keep your eyes stylishly shaded, since they’re crafted with a propionate injected frame and distortion free shatter resistant lenses. A shade essential. Other features include a 6 base wrap coverage, 100% UV sun protection and silver stop hinge. $59.99, down from $100.00.

Go old school! Inspired by Mr. Bueller himself, these retro shades take the authentic route and are practically plucked off Ferris’ head and are geeky enough to make them oh so cool. The question isn’t what you’re going to do while wearing these. Instead, what AREN’T you going to do? $59.99, down from $100.00. Continue reading

We’re so in love with the RVCA Beach Bum Dress and we’ve noticed we’re not the only ones. Apparently Polyvore fans can’t get enough of it either, as we’ve noticed it as a vital piece in a few collections, like this one from the blog, “Wolfcub.”

Perfect for the beach, or as a swim cover up, this 100% cotton crinkle gauze dress is pigment garment dyed with an enzyme wash. It’s string shoulder straps make it even that much sexier. Hot!

We’ve seen it worn as both a top and a dress (it’s that versatile) and of course, you can get it here at Becker Surf!
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Everyday, we try to waste a little less and love the Earth a little more, but coming this Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day, the perfect chance to really give it your all.

Just a little history on Earth Day, which is now a billion-people plus, globally celebrated holiday that is sometimes extended into Earth Week, a full seven days of events focused on green awareness:

  • It was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson and inspired by the antiwar protests of the late 1960s. Nelson hoped to raise public awareness of air and water pollution.
  • By the early 1960s, Americans were becoming aware of the effects of pollution on the environment.
  • It began as a “national teach-in on the environment” and was held on April 22 to maximize the number of students that could be reached on university campuses.

Since Earth Day is a day for action, it’s the perfect chance to show how important the environment is to you. We noted these ideas last year, but it’s good to revisit them again in case you’re stumped what you can do to participate:

Bring your own reusable shopping bags to the store. There’s no need for a proliferation of plastic and paper bags, which are so bad for our environment.

Pledge to use paper carefully and encourage others to do so, too. Opt to go paperless wherever possible.

Encourage healthier eating habits. Try to eat a sustainable healthy plantarian, pure vegetarian, vegan diet. Support your local farmer’s markets for fresh local produce. They usually grow organic vegetables which are better for our environment and your body as they don’t use harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Or better yet, grow your own garden and make sure not to use any pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

Conserve water. Take shorter showers. Try to limit showers to 10 minutes or less. Also, switch off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Conserve electricity. Turn off the lights if you don’t need them, and never leave your laptop ON when not using it. Use ceiling fans in the summer and winter months for climate control. Replace older light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs.

Raise awareness about Earth Day. Continue to educate yourself and others on how to save our resources and act green. A good resource is the Earth Day site: www.earthday.org.

Walk or bike instead of driving places if you can. It will help reduce our dependence on oil.

Lower Use of Bottled Water/Beverages. Although it may be convenient, purchasing bottled water should be avoided if possible. Try filling reusable containers with tap water and leaving them in your fridge as an alternative.

Plant a tree. Besides producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air, trees provide other numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Finally, we’re celebrating Earth Day here at Becker Surf with some cool merch and an even cooler deal: Buy a Billabong Recycler Series Board Short and get $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more. Offer is valid between April 19 – 22, 2013 in stores and online. For online purchases, the discount is automatically applied to your next order in your account. Click here to shop the Billabong Recycler Series Board Short.

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During a flat surf day on the North Shore in Oahu and during the midst of craziness surrounding the Billabong Pipe Masters, Nixon put on a no-pressure, one-day contest where 18 surfers assembled to surf a handful of oddly shaped surfboards for a $1,000 prize.

It was actually the third “Weird” invitational event. The contest consisted of three six-man heats judged by fellow peer participants, with the top two of each heat advancing. John John Florence, Dusty Payne, Zeke Lau, Nathan Florence, Paul Fisher, Christian Fletcher, Dustin Barca, Finn McGill, Cheyne Magnusson, Josh Kerr, Daniel Jones, and Kamalei Alexander were just some of the weird surfers.

Unlike most typical surf contests, surfers used strange, odd, eccentric, quirky—yes, weird, boards shaped by Hawaii local, Jon Pyzel from Pyzel Surfboards. The boards ranged in a variety of different shapes and sizes, including everything from a Simmons twin fin to a mini bonzer. Pyzel shaped the boards with only the criteria—make them weird but contestable. Surfers then had to draw straws to see what board they would surf.

Congrats to Dustin Barca who was judged as the best shredder and cashed in on the prize.

Check out this awesome clip from Paul Fisher.

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Check out this new clip of John John Florence, directed by filmmaker Blake Kueny and filmed by Erik Knutson, which shows John John’s Gold Coast Australian run during the QuikSilver Pro Gold Coast 2013 before he busted his ankle.

This latest video, titled “Free to Roam” shows John John Florence absolutely shredding it and killing those waves in his most recent journey from air to injury.

The video, which is set against the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, features some pretty ripping moves by John John and some slick skating moves by buddies Greyson Fletcher and Aussie ripper Jack Fardell (current Australian champion bowl).

At 3:00 we all get to see the moment when John John fractured his ankle during the expression session of the first stage of the WCT this year. He had won their Round 1 and battery and was a few hours from facing Adam Melling in Round 3 when the accident pulled him out of the Tour indefinitely.

Enjoy the clip and get well soon, John John. We’re missing you on the tour.

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