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If you haven’t heard about it yet, Metal Neck, which premiered earlier this month in Costa Mesa, is, according to Stab Mag, the “new frontier of surf movies. Maybe. Or maybe not.” It’s an original new surfer film from Andrew ‘Droid’ Doheny and Matt Tromberg, and also stars Creed McTaggart, Ford Archbold, Bobby Okvist, and most importantly it stars Metal Jimmy.

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It was a long time coming and Tromberg and Droid “wanted to do our best to make it as original as possible.” Well, that they definitely did – it’s not like your usual surfing flicks. “It’s all freesurfing, it’s pretty relaxed and fun. Some parts are fast and might get you amped, but some parts are more slowed-down and chilled. I jumped in on the editing a lot and gave my two-cents. Matt Tromberg and I worked on it a lot together, but it’s mostly Tromberg’s project and he edited it,” said Droid.

So, check out the trailer here for a whole new take on surf films:

And if you want to watch the entire film, here it is, too:

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Now is the right time to get rid of your old timepiece, or snag a pretty new snazzy one. We’ve got a load of slick watches so you’re guaranteed to always be on time (at least by your standards). So, whether you want a big pimpin’ watch or one with some super functionality, we’ve got you covered.

Nixon Supertide Watch
With its neon yellow band, there’s no way you can miss the time. The men’s Nixon Supertide watch features a custom digital movement with pre-programmed tide charts and sunrise sunset for over 230 beaches, 48 hours future tide, a heat timer, light, a stainless steel case with a comolded polycarbonate and silicone casing, stainless steel bezel, a hardened mineral crystal and intergrated pusher, and a custom injected silicone band with a patented locking looper and custom molded stainless steel buckle. $200.00.

Freestyle Shark Leash Watch
Functional and affordable, the Freestyle Shark Leash watch features a velcro band, molded after an 80′s surfboard leash, digital time and date, and water resistant up to 100 meters. It’s pretty much a no-brainer watch to have in our books. $55.00.

Nixon Big Player Watch
We know you go big so, hey, big playa, we’ve got the right watch for you. The Nixon Big Player watch features a 3 hand Japanese Miyota quartz movement, a real diamond set into the 6 hour position, a 44mm wide case, a 3 link custom solid stainless steel and secured band. Simple, yet stately. $250.00.

Nixon Private SS Watch
Looking for a classic, elegant watch with some snuff? Check out the Private SS Watch from Nixon features three-hand Japanese quartz, a custom stainless steel band with double locking clasp, and a case that is water resistant up to 100 meters, stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal, raised bezel and triple gasket enamel fill crown. $130.00.

Nixon Rover Watch
If the rugged lands are calling you, then sport the right gear with a proper adventure watch. The men’s Nixon Rover II watch features a 3 hand Japanese quartz movement, a superlum markers on the dial with a custom molded hand dial, a custom stainless steel case with rotating bezel and enamel fill markers/hardened mineral crystal with date magnifier case, and a canvas band with a genuine Italian leather backing. $200.00.

Freestyle Shark Classic Watch
Whether you’re on a shark spotting mission or not, wear the watch that shows you mean serious business. The Freestyle Shark Classic features a durable polyurethane strap, on the face it shows the date/time/day, 2 alarms, a stopwatch with a split screen function, a countdown heat timer, a night vision back light display, and can exceed to 100 meters under water. $60.00.

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The weather will soon turn colder, and sweatshirts, beanies and boots replace bikinis, sun hats and being barefoot.  If cold nippy air isn’t your cup of tea, do like the birds do and head South!

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