Want to surf like our current ASP World Champ? Or at least become the best surfer you can be? Then, get the new Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training App on your smartphone.

A couple years back Joel teamed up with one of the world’s leading Ironmen, Wes Berg, in an effort to re-energize his surfing and lengthen his lessons. “The extra conditioning allowed me to get the best out of my surfing. It let me surf harder, for longer, and it’s played a huge part in the success I’ve had in recent years.”

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Now you can get an inside look at Parko’s training, which has been refined over the years to better fit his needs, via this app, which follows the 10 stops of the World Tour. It’s loaded with 30 programs and over 150 surfing specific exercises from Joel & Wes to make you a stronger, faster, better surfer.

“There is nothing else out there like this that’s built just for surfers. Each exercise replicates the body movements used in surfing so what we do in the gym translates to the way surfers perform in the water,” said Wes Berg. “The app is for everyone from grommets through to elite surfers and gives them the tools to improve their confidence and performance.”

Follow the World Tour, train for different waves, record your sessions, and get your surfing body optimized. A must have download in our eyes!

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Well, it’s September and summer is officially over. But, ladies, don’t fret. We know how hard it is to move from the summer to the fall mindset, so we’ve got the clothes to help you get there. From Summer to Winter, skirts are the perfect transition piece. Another bonus, there’s free shipping on all orders over $75 (excluding surfboards) so feel free to stock up.

1. Billabong You Feelin Me Skirt
Comfy, cozy, and the ideal go-to skirt to keep in your closet, the Billabong You Feelin Me skirt is made of 95%cotton/5%spandex. It features a stripe print and a fitted knit that is classic and so unseasonal, you can practically wear it year round. $44.00.

2. Billabong I Was Here Skirt
This stretch knit mini skirt features an all-over camo print in green and brown for that military chic look you need and is “in” this season. With stitching details, body-con fit, and a Billabong logo tag at the back, it’s a mini that incorporates runway details but made with an easy 95% cotton/5% spandex material so you can hang comfortably in it all day long. $29.50.

3. Roxy Meet Me Halfway Skirt
Long, lean and striped just right, the Roxy Meet Me Halfway knit maxi goes all out to deliver must-have style. Featuring a fold over waist, bias cut panels, and a great drape that swishes while you sway, you’ll love this skirt’s surfy vibe and its incredible versatility. $49.50.

4. Element Laura Skirt
You won’t go wrong with this lace high-low skirt in this spiffy spruce shade. Romantic with a slight edge from your traditional lace skirt, it’s the perfect summer or fall skirt when the weather can’t quite make up its mind to be hot or nippy. $54.50.

5. Spare Dusty Skirt
The Spare Dusty Skirt is one of our best selling skirts and there’s no doubt why. Flowy and pretty in the sweetest dusty rust color, you’ll have to make up excuses why you look so dressed up, even though you barely tried. $44.50.

6. Becker Lagoon Skirt
How we love this skirt! Let’s count the ways. Groovy, fashionable, and so easy-to-wear, the Becker Lagoon skirt features a fold over waistband, a cool tie dye stripe print, and floor length to give you maximum presence. It’s a must have staple for sure. $39.50.

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For our skateboarding fans who happen to make out East in the next month, check out BAMcinematek’s 24-film series, “Skateboarding Is Not A Crime,” a tribute to the best of skateboarding in cinema from the 1960s to the present.

The series, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal (yes, you read that right) will run from September 6-23, 2013 at the BAMcinematek and BAM Rose Cinemas. Hyping the subject as “the ultimate in counterculture coolness, “skating” has made an irresistibly sexy subject for movies thanks to its rebel-athlete superstars, SoCal slacker fashion, and jaw-dropping jumps, ollies, tricks, and stunts.” True that.

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This skateboarding film collection includes the classics from every era featuring The Devil’s Toy from 1966, Scott Dittrich’s Freestylin‘, Spike Jonze’s Yeah Right, and Hollywood classics like Gleaming The Cube and Thrashin’.

For more recent flicks, they’re also screening Waiting for Lightning (2012), a documentary on Danny Way’s 2005 jump over the Great Wall of China, and The Motivation (2013), which premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The Motivation follows eight premier skaters including Element’s very own, Njyah Houston, and Nixon’s Paul Rodriguez, in preparation for the Street League Championship World Tour.

Good stuff. Tickets: General admission: $13, BAM Cinema Club Members: $8, BAM Cinema Club Movie Moguls: Free. Seniors & Students (25 and under with a valid ID, Mon – Thurs): $9, Bargain Matinees (Mon – Thurs before 5pm and Friday – Sun before 3pm, no holidays): $9.

Check this link for the entire breakdown of all 24 films and a schedule of the screenings.

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