Employee Highlight: Greg Briggs

Ripping waves along the OC coast, local surf legend and Becker Surf Encinitas Store Manager chats with soltspot.com about his role in a new 2011 longboard film, Chapters, and the Becker Greg Briggs Pro Model. Read the interview after the jump.

SolSpot: So, you work for Becker. How long ya been with them?

Greg Briggs: Yeah, I’m the Store Manager. I’ve been with Becker for 7 years. I started at Huntington shop under Mike Gee until the Encinitas store opened up 4 years ago.

SS: Why longboarding? Why not just kill it on a little board?

GB: I started surfing on a standard shortboard in eighth grade. At that time longboarding was dead and, to be honest, I was a shortboarder at heart. My first major influence was Kelly Slater…that was the year he won lowers for the first time. I believe he was still in high school then.

Anyway, the reason I started longboarding was because of my father, Pete Briggs. Back in the 60′s my Dad was very talented Surfer. A local of Hermosa Beach and a team rider for Jacobs surfboards. But, at the time I started, until about a year into my new life of surfing, my dad had not touched a board for 18 years.
The day finally came when he decided to get wet instead of watching my brother and I from the beach. I remember his first wave. It was as if he never left the ocean. That day was when I decided that I wanted to surf like my Dad. That was the reason I changed. But, I still was a shortboarder at heart. So I did my best to mix the two…performance Longboarding.

SS: About a year ago, you came up with the Becker “Greg Briggs Model”. Tell us about it.

GB: The Briggs model was actually designed by Hap Jacobs and I back in the mid 90′s. It was the all- purpose contest board. This Model was to help me in medium to small waves because my other (high performance) boards didn’t catch waves or noseride like I needed them to. The model is classified as a high performance noserider. It has a pretty wide nose and a narrow tail with less than standard glass to keep it light.

SS: You’re a competitive longboarder. Any stats you got under your belt?

GB: I was in the top ten of the Bud Surf tour for 3 consecutive years in the late 90′s.

SS: Any shout outs?

GB: Check out the Briggs model made my Becker Surfboards. Also, the new Longboard film “Chapters” releasing in summer 2011.

SS: Thanks Greg. Lookin’ forward to the release of “Chapters”. Cheers.

See the original interview here.
Check out the Greg Briggs Pro Model Longboard here. And be sure to check out the teaser for “Chapters”, produced by Jeremy Briggs, starring Greg, Joel Tudor, Colin McPhillips, Brendan White, Kai Sallas, and Noah Shimabukuro here. It’s sick. Also, become a fan on facebook here.

    Michael says...

    Looks like your busting an air on a shortboard on that lower pic 3rd to the right. I can barely launch on my shortboard. That’s sick! If you need a surfboard rack to store that bad boy lemme know, I’ll hook you up!

      Wim says...

      I have no irnteest in Stand Up Paddleboarding. However, I can see where is can be fun, especially on those very flat days. But, I have no desire to try it. I have been surfing on a ‘regular’ surfboard since 1966, and have gotten a lifetime worth of fun from it. I suggest you at least try both (remember, start with LESSONS read my old answers). Which ever you enjoy most, stick with. Or, if you like them both, just in different conditions, do both. There is room in the ocean for all sorts of surfers (who have taken the time to learn the right way!!). Good luck, and have fun.

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