Becker Surfboards & Subaru Pacific Surf Series recap

Becker Surfboards and Subaru Pacific hosted stop number 3 of the annual South Bay Surf Series in magnificent Manhattan Beach last Saturday the 8th.  Early morning offshore winds and clear blue skies stayed throughout, making it a picturesque day at the beach.

From the get-go surfers were greeted with contestable surf, suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Friendly 2-3 foot surf and the occasional shoulder high set would roll through and give the boys, girls and legends open faces to showcase their style and surfing abilities.  There were big hacks, stylish walks along the longboard planks, head dip barrels and of course widely drawn smiles as contestants came out of the water.

In between heats Team Becker Surfboards set up a 100ft slip and slide that had the stoked groms and grownups frothing from the mouth, and foaming with dish soap.  They slid, they had their GoPros rolling, it was a site to see and a good time for all.

Subaru Pacific gave away TWO Becker Surfboards via raffle.  Everyone on the beach qualified, and everyone on the beach silently listened as the lucky numbers were called from the surf judges PA booth.

Special thanks to our sponsors, without them this event would not have been the great success that it turned out to be.  From the prizes/swag/stoke, the necessary equipment to shade our staff, the man and woman power helping out on the sand, every ounce of it mattered and made a positive difference to the day.

Thank you teams: Billabong, Von Zipper, XCEL, Hippy Tree, Waterman’s Hermosa Beach, Sector 9, the South Bay Boardriders Club and of course Subaru Pacific!  Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the day and to those who came out to support our local surfers, shapers and businesses!

Waves and sunshine to Surf Concepts and Spyder Surfboards for their upcoming Surf Series stops and we’ll see you next year!

Created by iFilmUSurf (Ryan Boyles)

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