Becker Surfboards to Host South Bay Surf Series

Come out and join us on Saturday the 8th on the beach for a chance to win a brand new Becker Surfboard thanks to Subaru Pacific! A five-event contest series, Becker Surfboards along with Subaru Pacific will be hosting Event #3 held at 26th street in Manhattan Beach. The events are open to all ages from the Micro Grom division (under-9 year olds) to the Legends division (over-50).

Presented by the South Bay Boardriders Club with the support of local surf shops and businesses, the series began on December 26th, 2013 and will conclude on April 5th, 2014 at the Manhattan Beach Pier. Finalists from all divisions win great prizes such as free trips, surfboards, wetsuits and all contestants receive t-shirts and other goodies for entering.

Nearly 250 surfers competed in 11 divisions for the #2 Event held on Saturday, January 18th. With temperatures set to peak in the mid-80s and a few offshore winds, the first heat was off to a great start! Though waves were scarce in the Legends final, conditions overall were good with small soft waves graduating to big fast waves as the tide dropped and the swell built. To see the full list of rankings and results, click here.

    Mike McFarland says...

    I Love your boards, I had two LC3s back in early 80s. I used those two boards more than any of the others I owned. They were probably the most versatile boards I had. I used them everywhere from San Fransisco, all the way south to San Diego!

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