Volcom Presents True To This

In case you’ve forgotten that one of our favorite and best selling brands, Volcom, made literal waves when it was founded in 1991 as the first company to combine surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding all under one brand, it has recently released True To This, a feature-length film shot around the world that reminds you 1) hell ya, board-riding is a year round pursuit, and 2) Volcom is the right steez for all seasons.

True To This captures the energy and artistry of board riding in its purest forms, and showcases Volcom’s own “Youth Against Establishment” style and attitude that has given them the resiliency to survive the action sports industry. Volcom has managed to stray away from the norm to “keep it real,” and in so doing, defined a generation.

Shot on-location around the world and showcasing their iconic athletes, True To This is a tribute to their movement that continues to grow with our tastes and sense of styles.

Heck, who doesn’t love to root on a home-grown Southern California brand that’s been able to maintain such a strong presence over all these years?

Watch out for more webisodes in the coming weeks. For now, here’s the trailer, and the premiere episode of “The Making of True To This” web series featuring interviews with Bryan Iguchi, Geoff Rowley, and Richard Woolcott, plus behind-the-scenes footage and bonus clips from the upcoming “True To This” Feature Film to be released March 2014.

Volcom Stone presents True To This | Official Trailer from Volcom on Vimeo.

If that inspires you, we’ve got your Volcom hookup here.

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