Who is the Best Young Surfer in the World? ASP World Junior Championships Begin in Bali Next Month

What names will we need to watch for in the future? The ASP regions have selected their representatives for the ASP World Junior Tour, and now we will watch the best of the best focus from local events to taking on the world’s best surfers under 20-years-old as they compete for the highly-coveted ASP World Junior Title.

The ASP’s seven regions (North America, South America, Africa, Hawaii, Europe, Japan and Australasia) are sending their top representatives to compete starting next week with the Oakley ASP World Pro Junior, in Bali, Indonesia from October 6-17th. This will be the first of the two-stop tour that will decide the 2011 ASP World Junior Champions, and the first place winner will receive a $100,000 prize.

Three Orange County, CA surfers are among the best young surfers in the world traveling to Bali in early October: Andrew Doheny, Kanoa Igarashi, and Luke Davis. There are six surfers selected from Mainland U.S.A; the other surfers are Evan Thompson, Taylor Clark, and Conner Coffin. Each of the surfers has competed in ASP events through the year to try to earn high enough points to qualify for the championships.

After Bali, the contenders will head to Australia from Jan. 20 to 29 for the Billabong ASP World Juniors on the Gold Coast.

Who do you think will be crowned ASP World Junior Champions? Watch the Oakley World Pro Junior Championship LIVE webcast at oakleyprojunior.com.

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