Save the Waves Film Festival Set for November 2012

Save the Waves has scheduled its fourth film festival and is calling all aspiring film makers and taking entries. This year, the festival will be traveling to three select California cities in November:

San Francisco: November 16
Santa Barbara: November 2
Santa Cruz: November 9

Save The Waves Coalition, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of surfing coastline and the marine environment, is a group of devoted surfers, scientists, and activists that share a common belief that our wild coastal areas around the world are precious and valuable, and need to be protected.

The Save the Waves Film Festival is a one-night event, featuring documentary surf films, live music, athletes, artists and ocean activist campaigns. Although entries are not restricted for any film genre and the coalition is open to all types of submissions, they encourage entries that explore all aspects and angles of surfing, coastal environmentalism, and the coastal lifestyle we all love. Film makers are free to submit cutting-edge and experimental artistry, documentary film, animation and any other unique works of ocean-inspired art.

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