Los Angeles Forges Aggressively Ahead to Ban Plastic and Paper Bags

A Los Angeles City Council committee recommended last Wednesday that single-use plastic bags be banned from food store checkout lines across the city and that paper bags be phased out.

The council’s five-member Energy and Environment Committee unanimously passed a recommendation for a three-phase ban that would, if enacted, become “one of the most-far reaching measures in the nation,” according to Heal the Bay, a non-profit organization that advocates this ban.

The three phases of the ban are:

Phase 1:
For the first six months a ban would be enacted for plastic bags only. These six months would be used to educate the public about the ban.

Phase 2: For the following six months a 10 cent charge would be placed on paper bags.

Finally, Phase 3: After 12 months, there would be an outright ban in all of Los Angeles on both single-use plastic and paper bags.

The recommendation was favored by the committee and supported by environmental groups, although some believe such a ban would be more destructive than helpful, citing a loss of jobs.

According to Councilman Dennis Zine, “The City would provide time to work with retail businesses to help them adjust, and consumers would need to adapt. People will adjust. They’ll adapt … and learn to take [reusable bags] with them.”

A vote on the recommended ban is expected in the full City Council in the coming weeks. We hope this decision will embolden other cities, counties and states nationwide to take action. The time has come to eliminate plastic pollution at its source in order to protect our environment and economy.

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