The Cinematographer Project

Looking to view what will be a classic film of some of the best skating moves?  “The Cinematographer Project,” TransWorld‘s 24th video, will be available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and iTunes worldwide March 30, 2012. Featuring 13 filmmakers and 145 skaters, this film collaboration is a culmination of years in the trenches and producer Jon Holland’s creative vision.

The premise of “The Cinematographers Project,” was to get the best filmers in the industry, let them go one-on-one with any skater of their choosing, and then give them total creative control in the editing room and splice the results together to create one rad skating compilation.

The participants include the industry’s premier lensmen: Jon Holland himself, Dan WolfeRB UmaliLee DupontMike Manzoori, Beagle, Chris Ray, Bill Strobeck, Benny Maglinao, Brennan Conroy, Russell Houghten, Torsten Frank and Chris Middlebrook.

“The Cinematographers Project” stars top notch skaters Jason Dill, Dennis Busenitz, Zered Bassett, Chaz Ortiz, Braydon Szafranski, Dylan Rieder, Mark Gonzales, just to name a few of the amazing shredders featured from around the world.

Transworld also created an online Cinematographer contest for anyone to participate in. There were over 130 entries, with Ohio native Dan Mizicko, winning overall. For his top efforts, Mizicko’s video edit is now included in the film, plus he was flown to L.A. for the premiere, got to stay at The Roosevelt, presented with an award at the TWS Awards, and showed his winning entry on the big screen! Due to the success of the contest, this will now be an annual Transworld contest and award at their premieres.

Transworld also picked 9 other runners-up to make up a Top 10 Finalists list, and are featuring them on their Facebook fan page. The video with the most Likes on March 30 will win the Fan Favorite award.

Here’s to the worldwide release of “The Cinematographer Project” on March 30.

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