Artist Discovery: Chris Robb, Surf Artist

We recently discovered the work of Chris Robb, who happens to be a surfer but also an amazingly good surf artist. Internationally respected, Chris, who surfs, lives and works in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, has worked in many mediums, including painting, printmaking, illustration and graphic art. His work hangs in collections in California, New York, Florida, and France.

Chris’s art has been featured in many publications, including Longboard, ESM, LineUp, One Magazine, and Nordic Surfing Magazine, Sweden’s premiere surfing publication. Chris was recently featured on the “thinking” surf site, The Inertia.

According to Chris’s artist statement, “Painting is the promise of the unknown. A constant dance. Satisfaction and defeat. Liquid realms seeking a higher order. Poetry defined by motion and emotion. Meditation leading to an enlightened space. A way out of the world but also a way in. A way to make things clear that were once fuzzy.

This is an ongoing practice. No beginning, no end. The picture constantly changes.

No wonder his artwork is so freshly unique. Check out his moving artwork, influenced by his love of surfing, its people and places, the natural rhythm of the coast and his ongoing concern for the over-development of the natural environment.

For information, go to and his site,

Artwork pictured above: Ace (left) and Offshore Wind (right)

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