Becker SB Surfriders Club December Surf Contest Attracts Over 200 Surfers

The Becker South Bay Surfriders Club contest, the first of the club’s six-contest series this winter, attracted over 200 surfers last Sunday at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach, CA. The entries included 48 groms (12 and under) and micro groms (9 and under).

The idea for a South Bay surf club hit Mike Balzer in 2008. His son Shane was 9 and his daughter Malia was 6. They weren’t enthusiastic about their dad teaching them to surf because they wanted to play with their friends and their friends didn’t surf. That got Balzer’s creative juices going – trying to organize a group to surf. After a year of talks with various people, the club was born. “The positive energy and vibe at that initial meeting was so strong there was no doubt the South Bay surfing community had been waiting for a club to bring families and friends together for fun and to give back to the community and protect our beaches and ocean environment. That was the birth of The South Bay Boardrider’s Club,” says Balzer, who is one of the ten original board members.

The success of that effort was apparent not only from the increase in the number of groms this year, but also by the improvement shown by returning groms. During last winter’s series, they were being pushed into wave by their moms and dads. On Sunday, they were paddling into outside waves on their own.

But, the young’uns are still learning. In the men’s open, “old guy” Ted Robinson, 48, nagged the top spot amongst his younger challengers. The former ASP pro, turned long board pro, turned big wave tow-in surfer, proved he’s not forgotten how to rip the waves.

Here is a list of the top 3 winners in each category:

Results, in order of finish. Men’s open: Ted Robinson, Kelly Zaun, Kent Nishia. Women’s open: Rachel Tominaga, Becca Rosen, Natalie Anzivino. Juniors: Kelly Zaun, Kent Nishia, Jordan Robinson. Boys (14 and under): Chris Stimpfl, Jack Rowan, Kyle Beatty. Groms: (12 and under) Sam Reichel, Cole Warner, Jeff McBride. Micro groms: (9 and under) Luke Snyder, Shane Moseley, Matt Hahn. Longboard: Tommy Ostendorf, Hudson Riche, Jiro Ikeda. Masters (40-59): Ted Robinson, Matt Walls, Warren Kushner. Legends (50 and over): Scott Daley, Mike Purpus, Derek Levy.

The E.T. SBBC contest, the second in the series of monthly contests will be on January 21st at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach.

For more information, check out: and for a boatload of awesome photos follow these links: and more here.

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    Ramona Cruz says...

    Yeah groms! Give em a pair of surf sandals just for showing up!

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