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Congratulations to surf photographer Peter “Joli” Wilson who has won Nikon‘s 2013 Photo of the Year award!

The Nikon Surf Photo of the Year is a prestigious award recognizing the best single surfing-themed image taken by an Australian photographer. The photo can be taken anywhere around the world and can be drawn from action, water, lifestyle, lineup or portrait photography.

Previous winners have included Jon Frank, Stuart Gibson and Jeremy Wilmotte, whose images are published and recognized around the world.

Below is Joli’s amazing winning photo from Cloudbreak, Tavanua, Fiji.

Here’s last year winning photo by Ray Collins:

And here are 2 of the other finalists’ beautiful photos, this one by Deb Morris:

and this gorgeous photo by Andrew Chisholm

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Tommy Guerrero, a top shelf member of the Bones Brigade during the height of the ’80s boom, will be honored tonight at the 15th Annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards in Hollywood, California, as the recipient of this year’s Legend Award. The Legend Award sets out to officially recognize, acknowledge, and honor those who have forever shifted the legacy of what it means to be a skateboarder.

Tommy basically became the face of “streetstyle” when that concept changed what skateboarding was all about. Born and raised in San Francisco, Tommy’s free-flowing improvisational style and creative use of the San Francisco concrete put the city’s infamous hills and unique terrain on the map for skateboarding. It set the stage for modern street skating.

Today, Tommy’s focus remains on keeping skateboarding raw. He continues to play an active role at Deluxe Distribution and additionally juggles his time as a professional musician, skateboarder, and proud father.

Congrats, to RVCA advocate, Tommy!
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A shout out to Ariell Ilunga who writes the blog, Musings and Mischief. It is a beautiful blog that focuses on all sorts of things – Ariell’s faves, thoughts, and experiences as a SoCal resident. But, the one post that caught our eye was her recent trip down to South Bay from her urban confines of Los Feliz where she discovered Becker Surf’s Hermosa Beach location!

Check out her blog about Becker:
“I thought the menswear selection at Becker Surfboards was really cute. Spotted a few pieces I would outfit the hubby in. I’ve always had a surfer/skater boy fantasy!”

Well Ariell, we’ve definitely got the menswear and ladieswear covered for surfers, surfer, girls, and skater boys and gals. Come visit us again and get hubby Abby outfitted to match the fantasy of your dreams!

You can read more of Ariell’s blog, including how to make almond milk, here at

And of course, check out some of our fab menswear selection here:

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Check out these pics of bikini-clad Rihanna as she roars around on the back of pro surfer Makua Rothman’s Kawasaki watercraft and continues to celebrate her 25th birthday.

The incredibly talented artist known for hits such as “Umbrella,” “Where Have You Been, and “Diamonds” showed off her bikini body as she indulged in her favorite pastime. Make-up free and her hair drenched with water, the pop star was seen holding onto the back of the jet-ski as Rothman sped around the Hawaiian waters, having a ball with the world champion Hawaiian big wave surfer, musician and actor.

Makua began surfing at the early age of two years old, but began tow-in surfing at the age of 13 when his dad and family friend Darrick Doerner, a pioneer in tow-in surfing, first taught Makua. Makua eventually learned the ropes of tow-in surfing and in 2002 won the Billabong XXL Big Wave Challenge Award in one of the most historic big-wave sessions in history. His fearless surfing of the 66 foot wave earned him $66,000, a thousand dollars for every foot. It was the largest wave in the world to be surfed that winter. Makua is currently sponsored by RVCA.

Happy Birthday Riri!
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If you haven’t already heard, we’ll get to see the “go for broke” surfing style of the enigmatic Dane Reynolds (USA), 27, who is officially a wildcard for the 2013 Quiksilver Pro, Snapper Rocks, which is coming up from March 2nd – 13th. It’s the best kind of news for fans, who love Dane’s experimental and aerial maneuvers.

In round one at Snapper, Dane will either face Kelly once again, or world champ Joel Parkinson.

“As a wildcard you’re automatically the lowest seed in the contest so you get a really tough draw in the first three rounds which makes it really exciting but also really difficult,” Dane said. “Those guys have a crazy heat win record. They’re on top for a reason and you definitely have to surf your best to even have a chance. Joel would definitely be a fun heat but I’d like to surf against Kelly too, that’s always an experience.”

But of course, we all want to know… will he ever plan to return to tour? “Never say never, but it’s unlikely in the near future,” said Dane.

Well, his presence at Snapper is good enough for now.

In the meantime, NY locals can head to Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn this Friday and check out Dane’s latest photo installation, as well as his apparel collaboration with Vans.

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