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In the small beauty city of Guarapari, Brazil, before Derek Rabelo was born, his father prayed this has son would become a famous professional surfer and named his son after the legendary Pipeline surfer, Derek Ho. Unfortunately on May 25th 1992, his prayer seemed unanswered when Derek was born blind.

But, being born blind did not stop Derek Rabelo from pursuing his dream to surf Pipeline and make his dad’s wishes come true. Seventeen years later, through the encouragement of his parents, best friend, and surf coach, Derek embarked on a three-year journey of grueling mental, physical and spiritual training.

The film by Walking on Water, “Beyond Sight” is the inspiring story of Derek who overcomes his blindness to surf regularly, and even surf Hawaii’s Pipeline, one of the world’s most dangerous and powerful waves. Along the way, he inspires the best surfers in the world including Kelly Slater, Gerry Lopez, Tom Curren, Damien Hobgood, Derek Ho, Laird Hamilton, Lakey Peterson, Coco Ho, and the entire surfing world.

Derek’s story shows us the lesson that the best journeys in life are walked by faith, and not by sight.

Also, the movie is just shy of its $77,777 Kickstarter fundraising goal to finish production. Here’s the link:

Check out the trailer below

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According to an interview he had with UK Metro Newspaper in September 2006, “A design starts with an inspiration of some sort- an off-hand doodle, an image from my many books on cultural design, or perhaps something I came across that day of which I took a picture. About 95% of the work is done beforehand on my computer, creating as many versions as I can of a design and choosing the one that speaks to me. Then I reverse-engineer the step-by-step process I would need to replicate the design on the beach. Next I choose an appropriate day for a design, which is contingent on the tides and available daylight. The final step is to trust the guide I made and start raking. Actually the truly final step is the photography, which is a whole other challenge, as I race up the hill to the overlook above (I choose my site locations strategically) to take photos before I either run out of light or the waves start eating my design. The window of opportunity is very narrow.”

The designs are pretty impressive. Check out more of his work and if interested, you can buy prints that range from $3.95 to $49.95 at

San Francisco based artist Andres Amador creates complex massive pieces of art in the sand in San Francisco, literally taking “drawing a name in the sand” to the next level. He’s designed geometric shapes, flowers, random shapes and lines, to designs for marriage proposals.

[caption id="attachment_2513" align="alignleft" width="590" caption=""Alien Graffiti""][/caption]


[caption id="attachment_2514" align="alignleft" width="590" caption=""Substructures""][/caption] [caption id="attachment_2515" align="alignleft" width="590" caption=""Warped Fields""][/caption]

Also, check out this video filmed by Canadian Discovery Channel in September 2011 showcasing the entire process: Andres Amador Discovery Channel Continue reading

Congrats to Billabong team rider Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31. Parko won the Bilabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons last Friday to clinch the 2012 ASP World Title. After 12 years on tour, he finally captured this accolade that had seemed so elusive for him. Prior to this win, Parkinson was just shy of the world title four times (2002, 2004, 2009, 2011).

Only Parkinson and reigning 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA), 40, were in contention for the world title heading into the final day. Parkinson needed to finish one position higher to claim the title. With Slater’s loss to Josh Kerr (AUS), 28, in the semi-final, Parkinson’s dream became reality. Parkinson went on to beat Kerr in the final.

“It’s very surreal feeling. I’ve got to pinch myself,” Parkinson said from the podium. “I feel like I still have to man up and surf another heat. But it’s all over. It’s done. . . I don’t know who sent me those waves in that final. And thanks to Andy for pushing those things in. To mother nature. He always will be a part of this event. Whatever anyone does at pipe it will never come close to what Andy did. . . One day you wake up feeling good the next day you wake up feeling like a loser. This morning I felt like a Champion when I woke up. Like Andy (Irons) always said ‘I got this, huh?’ I dedicate this to my family, Dad who used to take me to contests when I was 10, my wife and my mom and kids, this is all for us.”

Want to know a few more cool facts about our 2012 ASP World Champ? Here are a few cool facts about Parko from the Billabong website:

Years On Tour: 12
Stance: Regular
Favorite Spot: Kirra, Snapper Rocks (Aus)
Main Shaper: JS, from JS Industries
Travelling Quiver: Three 6’2”x18-3/8×2-1/4; 6’6”x18-3/8×2-1/4
Favorite Surfers: Occy, Matt Hoy
Training: Surfing, Running, Cross training
Favorite Music: Anything from Donavan to Metallica
Other Interests: Cars, Watching my favorite footy team play

On the personal front, Joel married his high school sweetheart, Monica, and they have three children: two daughters, Evie and Macy, and a son Mahli.

Here is the road to how Parko finally clinched the title:

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: 5th
Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: 3rd
Billabong Rio Pro: 2nd
Volcom Fiji Pro: 9th
Billabong Pro Tahiti: 2nd
Hurley Pro at Trestles: 2nd
Quiksilver Pro France: 3rd
Rip Curl Pro Portugal: 3rd
O’Neill Coldwater Classic: 5th
Billabong Pipe Masters: WINNER Continue reading

The 42nd annual SURFER poll awards were last week, and Kelly Slater (USA), 40, and Stephanie Gilmore (AUS), 24, took home the top honors. Kelly took home his 18th SURFER Poll No. 1 award, while Steph took her 3rd.

For the third year running, the best surfers, filmmakers, and who’s who of the surf world converged on Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu for the Biggest Night of Surfing. Awards were presented to the top surfers, as voted by fans, as well as the best movies and performances of the year.

Kelly won again this year. He first took the honor in 1993 when he was just 21 years old.

“It’s definitely nice to be recognized by the surfing community and to come out at the top position. I’m surprised John John didn’t get first. I also thought Dane was going to get it this year—maybe next year. I think they split each other’s votes. They stole the election from each other,” Kelly said.

This year saw two first-time additions to the Top 10. John John Florence, who in 2011 won the AI Breakthrough Performer Award, secured the second position on the list just behind Slater. Also making his SURFER Poll debut this year, Gabriel Medina became the first Brazilian to break the Top 10 on the coveted Poll. He also was awarded the distinguished AI Breakthrough Performer Presented by New Era award for 2012.

On the Women’s side of the Poll, the Top 5 from 2011 all remained on the list, with Alana Blanchard jumping up into the second position behind Stephanie Gilmore, who reclaimed the top spot for her third SURFER Poll victory.

“I am very excited about this year,” said Gilmore. “I was a little unsure of how it’d unfold, I wasn’t sure if I was going to come out on top because I didn’t win last year. I seriously had one of the best years of my life, and I guess everybody else thought that too. These awards are so important, because it’s the fans voting, so it means a lot.”

Here are the 2012 SURFER Poll Results:

Top 10 Men
1. Kelly Slater
2. John John Florence
3. Dane Reynolds
4. Gabriel Medina
5. Mick Fanning
6. Joel Parkinson
7. Julian Wilson
8. Taj Burow
9. Jordy Smith
10. Owen Wright

Top 5 Women
1. Steph Gilmore
2. Alana Blanchard
3. Coco Ho
4. Carissa Moore
5. Sally Fitzgibbons

AI Breakthrough Performer Presented by New Era
Gabriel Medina

Congrats to all the winners, and you can watch the entire show at Continue reading

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and GRAMMY Award-winning musician Ben Harper have come together to create Boards + Bands, a fundraising initiative that merges the worlds of professional skateboarders and iconic musicians to raise significant funds for the Tony Hawk Foundation.

Hawk invited a select group of professional skateboarders to donate their personally ridden skateboards and submit the name of their favorite songs. Harper then sent those boards on to the appropriate artists with one simple message: “Please write the lyrics to this skater’s favorite song on his skateboard, and we’ll use it to create more skate parks for kids.”

The chosen recording artists have hand-written the lyrics on these one-of-a-kind skateboards, creating some cool works of art. The skaters and artists who have collaborated include Bucky Lasek and Adam Yauch, Rodney Mullen and Ben Harper, Jamie Thomas and Bob Dylan, Mike Vallely and Tom Petty, Steve Caballero and Metallica, Bob Burnquist and Ben Harper, Lance Mountain and Jimmy Cliff, and Tony Hawk and Paul McCartney.

The boards are currently on display at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.

There’s only ONE more day left to bid on one of the amazing collaborative memorabilia, which are being auctioned at so hurry while you can. The auction ends tomorrow on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 7 PM.

Proceeds from the Bucky Lasek/Adam Yauch collaboration boards will specifically benefit a skatepark project in New York City. Since 2002, the Tony Hawk Foundation has helped to fund 512 public skateparks in 50 states.

For more info, go to Continue reading

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