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Summer may be over, but it doesn’t mean you can slack on your surfer style. We’ve got some great items to help you fall back into some of the season’s most fashionable picks.

Check out some Fall Favorites from Men’s Buyer, Jessica Sporty.

  1. Take your basic fleece up a notch with a colorful, baseball-inspired hoodie

  2. The solid polo is back! Dress up a casual outfit with this versatile staple.
  3. Neon accents are a great way to take a basic tee up a notch and add some flare
  4. A new twist on an old favorite. Chambray color blocking – wear from day to night.

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Event #2 of the American Pro Surfing Series is this Friday and Saturday, September 28-29, and a good solid swell is expected to bring even more fun, challenging waves for the competition. Surf fans have a lot to look forward to with really great waves forecasted for the competition, a pro-am event that brings some top notch competitors to the south side of the Huntington Beach pier.

According to Adam Wright from the Official Event Forecaster,, “You can’t really get a much better mix of swells for the HB Pier. We already have S-SSW swell on the way that will be mixing with some medium-period WNW-NW energy from a waking North Pacific storm track that will work to set up peaky conditions. If that wasn’t enough, ‘Major’ Hurricane Miriam is just starting to move into the North Orange County SE swell window and she will likely be adding additional tropical SE swell to the blend.”

With this mix of swells, Solspot expects the competition days to have consistent shoulder to head high surf, with waves going a couple of feet overhead on the best sets. This should make for some really good surfing for the APSS.

The APSS consists of three events. The first event was in late April, and the last event will be in early November. On top of the great waves expected, world-class surfers competing include Chris Ward, Anastasia Ashley, Cory Arrambide, Tom Curren, Lisa Andersen and Parker Coffin.
Created by industry veteran Scott Waring, the contests offer an opportunity for domestic surfers and up-and-comers who sit outside of the top-ranked 32, a chance to earn prize money and bragging rights while competing near home. The series allows mid-ranked competitors the chance to showcase their skills in a contest that keeps their surfing sharp, and their names in the public. There will be 64 men and 16 women competing in the event.

After event #1, Chris Ward (San Clemente) leads the series with Torrey Meister (San Diego), Kilian Garland (Santa Barbara) and Gabe Kling (Saint Augustine, Fla.) in second, third and fourth, respectively.

In the women’s division Erica Hosseini (Newport Beach) leads the charge followed by Meah Collins (Costa Mesa) in second, Anastasia Ashley (Malibu) in third, and Kulia Doherty (Rancho Santa Fe) in fourth.

Follow the APSS live action webcast online at
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Now that summer’s over, the temps are going to get a little chillier. But, that shouldn’t prevent you from going out in the water and catching some waves; just be prepared with the right equipment. For surfing, that means, a good wetsuit. Choosing the right one will help you maintain your flexibility and lessen the effects of cold water so you can surf comfortably for hours.

Since this will be your biggest purchase after a surfboard, do you know how to get the right one?

Two of the most popular options are spring suits and full suits. A spring suit is a short sleeve/short pant combination, while a full suit covers your entire body from your neck to your ankles. If you can purchase only one wetsuit, go for a full suit. It’s always better to be too warm than cold.

Most wetsuits come in black, but there are also a variety of colors/designs. Some have zippers in the back, some in the front, and some, none at all.

First, get rid of the misconception that a wetsuit is going to keep your body completely dry. A wetsuit is designed so that it lets in a little water to keep you core body temperature warm. Wetsuits are made of neoprene rubber, and are designed so that a thin layer of water is trapped between the wetsuit and you, enabling your body to warm the water to a comfortable level.

A wetsuit should feel snug and tight all over and conform to your body shape like a second skin, but it shouldn’t be so tight that you feel any loss of circulation in your hands or feet.

Also note that most manufacturers’ sizes are different, so you’ll need and want to try them out. In general, though, a guy’s T stands for tall, and a MT means medium tall. If you’re a tall and skinny guy, don’t get a large because an L will be too loose.


The thicker the suit, the warmer you’ll be. The thickness of a wetsuit is indicated by two numbers separated by a slash mark. The first number is the thickness of the wetsuit in millimeters (mm) for the portion that covers your torso. The second number is the thickness in millimeters (mm) for your limbs. More thickness is given to the torso to increase your body’s core heat. Less thickness is given to the extremities to increase flexibility and range of motion. Therefore, a 3/2 is 3mm covering your torso and 2mm covering your arms and legs.

In most cases, a 3/2 or 4/3 will keep you insulated down to 53 degrees. If it’s colder than that, you’ll need a thicker wetsuit, and may even want booties, gloves and a hood to keep warm.

Below is a general guide we found on which gives a good idea to which wetsuit thickness is right for your area’s seasonal ocean temperature:

Temperature Wetsuit
80 to 74 degrees Rash Guard
73 to 66 degrees 2mm Neoprene top or Spring Suit
65 to 58 degrees 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit or 3/2mm Full Suit
58 to 55 degrees 3/2mm Full Suit + Booties
54 to 49 degrees 4/3mm Full Suit + Booties
49 to 43 degrees 5/4mm Full Suit + Booties + Hood
42 degrees & below 6/5mm Full Suit + Booties+ Hood
Antarctica Dry suit + Booties + Hood


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The Board Art Benefit is holding a live auction event at The Boardroom in Del Mar, and boards are now available for pre-bidding. The Board Art Benefit, a project that began earlier this year, was designed to bring leading artists and shapers together to create original works of art utilizing surfboards for the purpose of raising support for SurfAid International, a non-profit humanitarian organization whose aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions and connected through surfing.

There will be several new boards unveiled just for this auction event, and are now available for pre-bidding. The prices listed on the site are the “Buy-Now Pre-Auction” prices and are based on the values of the boards given by the artists, and are just for reference.

The boards include a limited line of surfboards featuring Andy Warhol’s original artwork. Tim Bessell from Bessell Surfboards secured the exclusive international rights to produce the line. They will only be producing 50 boards in the series; 5 different models each with its own unique Warhol graphics – 10 pieces per model. Each board in the series will be hand shaped, signed and numbered by Tim Bessell and include an imbedded identification chip for verifying authenticity.

All bids will be confidential, and the pre-bidding is a great opportunity for those who might not be able to make it to the Live Auction in person, but would like to place a bid in hopes of taking home one of these incredible boards. Any bid amount is acceptable, and if the live auction doesn’t fetch a higher bid for the board(s) you are interested in, you win!

Each artist has agreed to donate, (ranging from 50-100%), proceeds from the auction. The funds raised through these sales will directly support SurfAid’s humanitarian efforts on the Mentawai and Nias islands in Indonesia. All sales will be processed directly through SurfAid International.

Event details:
Place: The Boardroom Surf Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, CA
Date: Saturday, October 6, 2012
Time: Auction will be from 3-5pm

Note that the exhibit will be open all day although the auction begins at: 3:00pm.

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We love our surfing animals and next weekend’s fourth annual Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach, CA. is a celebration of their athletic prowess! Be part of the action September 28-30, 3012 for three days of doggone fun for all.

Once again, California’s dog-friendly Huntington Beach’s Dog Beach will be the site of this year’s competition since it’s specifically for the dogs. At Dog Beach, our four-legged friends rule year-round, and play, swim, dig and have a plain old fun time… mostly all off-leash.

Some of the activities planned this year include an Opening Ceremony and Dog Is Beachin’ Fashion Show, Surf City Dog Spaw Costume Contest and Expo and conclude with the Surf City Surf Dog Competition on Sunday.

For the competition, the surfing pooches will take part in four different weight classifications, from small dogs weighing under 20lbs. to extra-large pooches weighing in at more than 60lbs. Last year, more than 40 dogs competed at the event, with even a Guinness World record set by Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie and her owner Michael Uy, for longest ride on a board at 60 meters.

We’re looking forward to seeing if more world records will be set this year.

For more information, go to:, and check out all the fun photos from last year. Continue reading

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