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Of course, we surfers have to celebrate Halloween surfer style. Newport Beach, California saw a fine lineup of ghouls, monsters, and other costumes this past Saturday, at the sixth annual Blackies Classics Longboard Association Annual Halloween Costume Expo.

It’s a fun way for surfers in a Halloween mood to get together and surf in costumes, and there’s no entry fee. According to judge Bill Spurgeon, “It’s just something to bring a little life to Newport Beach on Halloween weekend.”

More and more costumes hit the water each year. This year saw more than 50 decked-out surfers catching the few waves that came through. Although the surf was small, conditions were clean, and perfect for not shredding up the costumes and mellow enough for kids to take on waves.

Since its inception six years ago, the costumes have become more elaborate and creative as well, and because of the silliness of the event, a growing number of spectators are seen laughing and cracking up on the sand year after year.

The costume surf-off was followed by the Blackies crew serving pancakes, sausage, doughnuts, and coffee to the surfers as they came out of the water after they got out of the chilly water.

This event really helps create a sense of community around a classic spot, and more importantly brings a lot of “fun” out into the lineup, which sometimes even the best of us forget that is what surfing is really about, Spurgeon noted.

Check out a few of the costumes here: Continue reading

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