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It’s time to celebrate Raptoberfest throughout the entire month of October.

What is Raptoberfest?

Raptoberfest is a reminder that there are numerous things we can do to reduce our plastic footprint. As many of us already know, plastics do not biodegrade. Instead, they gradually break down into smaller pieces, and eventually harm the environment upon infiltration, killing millions of birds and animals annually.

Sponsored by The Surfrider Foundation and Rusty, this fest shares plastic-related facts plus tips on how to minimize plastic use. The goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and find solutions. Participants are invited to share their own tips on reducing individual plastic footprints via Surfrider’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Three interesting plastic-related facts include:

1) In certain places of the ocean, the amount of suspended plastic particles actually outnumbers ambient plankton

2) Approximately one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals die from ingestion or entanglement in plastics each year

3) With the exception of a small amount that has been incinerated, virtually every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists in some shape or form

Unfortunately, plastic has a devastating impact on the environment and marine life. Although plastics have helped manufacturing, shipping and packaging of goods for less money, unfortunately, the rise of plastics poses a significant threat to the planet.

A list of “10 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint” is also posted on the site and offers practical ways to cut back on plastic waste.

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It’s almost Halloween! Have you picked out your kids’ costumes, yet? If you still can’t decide what they should be and feel starved for time, don’t fret Chet! Have you checked out our boys’ Volcom sweatshirts lately? We’ve got a bunch that are oh so cute, and easily double up as costumes. Whew! What a time saver, and best of all, when Halloween is over, your kids can still wear the cool threads.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Volcom Monstars sweatshirt is made of 80%cotton/20%polyester. It features a zipper front closure to the head, mesh cartoon mouth and eyes at the hood closure, a stripe print, and waist patch pockets. Go give the neighbors a scare with your young cyclops. $69.50

Jeepers Creepers where’d you get those Volcom Peepers? This sweater features a zipper front closure to the head, screened sunglasses with mesh eyes, a screened mix print of stripes and checkers, an embroidered logo, and waist patch pockets. $69.50

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s… the Volcom Action Team Youth Hoody! We’re not sure ourselves what this costume could be, but let your grom’s imagination go wild… say it’s a robot monster from the future – just have fun! The full zip up sweatshirt made from 100% Cotton. It features a Volcom graphic on the front and back, full face zip, mesh eyeholes, and it’s pre-shrunk. $64.50

Motocross daredevils can be an X-games star on Halloween with the Volcom Elsinore Slim Sweatshirt. This cool zip-up fleece has dual front pockets, vintage motocross graphics throughout, is pre-shrunk with a slim fit, banded hem and cuffs, with a hood that zips closed featuring mesh printed goggles. $60.00

Spiderman Spiderman does whatever a spider can! Your kid can too get into the web slinging action with the Volcom Action Team Youth Hoody. It’s a full zip up sweatshirt made from 100% Cotton. It features a Volcom graphic on the front and back, full face zip, mesh eyeholes, and it’s pre-shrunk. With the blue shade and spider web, one could almost pass as Spiderman. $64.50 Continue reading

This past weekend, Hollywood and surf culture came together for charity for the 4th Annual Project Save Our Surf (PSOS) Surf-A-Thon in Santa Monica, California.

Founded by actress Tanna Frederick (“Just 45 Minutes from Broadway,” “Hollywood Dreams,” “Irene in Time” and the soon to be released “Queen of the Lot”), who is an avid surfer, as well as actress, writer, producer and environmentalist, Project Save Our Surf brings the entertainment and surfing industries together in support of clean oceans.

The event, which was co-hosted by former world champion surfer, environmentalist, actor, and businessman Shaun Tomson, and had Hollywood celebrity surfers like Gregory Harrison (Chandler in “North Shore”), John Slattery (Roger Sterling on “Mad Men), Jesse Spencer (House), Tate Donavan (Tom Shayes on “Damages”), John Philbin (Turtle in “North Shore”) and others participating in two days of surfing and fun beach activities at Tower 28 south of the Santa Monica Pier.

These stars were joined by surfing stars, such as Jon Rose from Waves for Water, longboarder Mary Osborne, James Pribram from the ECO Warrior Project and the crew from the Mauli Ola Foundation.

There were 12 teams of 24 participants per team and each teammate surfed for 45 minutes. Team members were encouraged to raise $500 per person with 100% of total donations going to charity.

The event also featured daytime activities for the whole family including live music, mural painting with Joanne “Art Miles” Tawfilis, guest speakers, yoga and eco-friendly exhibits.

This year’s Project Save Our Surf (PSOS) beneficiaries are Santa Monica Baykeeper, Waves for Water, Inside the Outdoors and Tumelo Home.

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Our Becker Surf store in Hermosa Beach (Pier Avenue) is undergoing a renovation! We’re stoked that it is getting a long-awaited facelift. During this process, the store will obviously be closed, but we will temporarily operate out of a Manhattan Beach shop at 1727 Artesia Boulevard (corner of Artesia and Aviation Boulevards) until improvements are complete.

We’re thrilled to be creating a space with a higher ceiling and a more customer-friendly layout. To do that, we’re pretty much gutting the whole thing and starting over again, but the store’s dimensions will not be drastically altered.

For a behind the scenes glimpse, above are the guns that moved all the merch and furniture from Hermosa Pier Ave to Artesia Blvd – our very own store managers, John Leininger and E.L. Huante!

The renovation will happen all of October, and we’re aiming for a Nov. 15 reopening.

FYI – Becker Surf opened its first retail store in Hermosa Beach in 1980!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, see you in Manhattan Beach!

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The 4th Annual California Surf Festival begins this Thursday, October 13th – 16th in Oceanside, California. Enjoy four exciting, action-packed days featuring multi-talented musicians, jaw-dropping surf film premieres plus appearances by today’s top surf pros and legends to celebrate the lifestyle of beach-goers and wave riders alike. This international event will bring people from all over the world to experience surf culture through films, music, art, photography and interaction with those who embody the culture as well as highlight the surf community of California. Proceeds will benefit the California Surf Museum (CSM).

Set against the back-drop of the CSM’s latest exhibits, attendees and guests will be entertained with a ukulele musical presentation and documentary, as well as several surf film premieres including the USA Premiere for the documentary, Oceanides, sponsored by Keep A Breast Foundation.

Other surf films to check out include Splinters, a top surf film that world-premiered at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, and is about the first-ever National Surfing Championship in Papua New Guinea and how it changed the lives of several surfers from the host village of Vanimo, and the return of the CSF’s first winner of the Big Shorts From Little Groms filmmakers contest, Victor Pakpour. He will showcase his first feature surf film, Blow Up, which you may remember was the flick Billabong sponsored for its world premiere this past June. Closing the Festival will be the annual Silver Surfer Award, which will be presented to San Diego’s legendary surfer and shaper, Skip Frye.

The California Surf Film Festival was produced as a benefit by the CSM in Oceanside, and will include, in addition to the three mentioned above, many other exciting and groundbreaking new surf films with many of the filmmakers in the audience.

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