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Want to skate with pros like Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez? Come to our Mission Viejo store on April 16th to meet the Plan B skate team, demo some new skateboards, get autographs signed, and eat! There will be product giveaways and lots of fresh gear for sale, too!

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Tomorrow marks the 4th annual One Day Without Shoes hosted by the ever cool and ever conscious TOMS Shoes. People worldwide are going barefoot in order to raise awareness for the millions of children who go without shoes everyday. So join Becker Surf and your other barefoot pals and put your feet in other people’s ‘shoes’. Continue reading

Meet Kelly Slater’s identical twin brother, who lives quietly in Europe, with his wife and two daughters, Daley Slater. He’s a low profile free surfer, a civil engineer and doesn’t enjoy the media spotlight.

“Kelly never talks about it, because I asked him not to. I really like to have my private life here in Moledo”, told Daley to…

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