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The photograph has survived decades and it is considered the first picture of a surfer. The Hawaiian beach boy is photographed wearing a traditional loin cloth and shown standing in the shallows holding his rudimentary board. The surf treasure dates back to 1890 and will be sold by auction next Thursday in the UK. Continue reading

Keep your feet warm and cozy this super cold weekend! Check out our large selection of UGG Boots!

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Won’t someone please think of the children! Keep your kids happy, healthy and clothed with some rad Becker threads. We got stuff for all the buoys and gulls – like tees, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, swimwear and more. We also got stuff for the littler ones, ages 4-7. Here are few of our personal picks: Continue reading

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Just ‘cause we got surf in the name, doesn’t mean we’re not land animals. So when waters are rough, hit the concrete running. Check out some of our best selling skateboards yet. You want it, we got it and we’re packing Sector 9 cruisers and Plan B Decks. What’s your favorite board of all time? Continue reading

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