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We’re stoked to attend the red carpet world premiere event of “Saltwater Green,” produced by Jeremy Briggs, brother of Becker Team Rider Greg Briggs, this Friday, October 25th at La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, CA.

A fast-paced longboard surfing movie and Briggs’s second longboard film, “Saltwater Green” features 3X World Champion Colin McPhillips, 2X and current World Champion Taylor Jensen, and 2006 World Champion Josh Constable riding both single fins and tri-fins.

Enjoy tons of gorgeous individual profile sequences, showcasing these talented longboard surfers riding their home breaks here in California, as well as in Australia. It features a perfect combination of traditional longboarding and performance longboarding.

The movie also stars California standouts Brendan White, Steven Newton, Noah Shimabukuro, Greg Briggs, and Tommy Witt with some pretty amazing moves.

You come out with a deeper appreciation of what it means to be a surfer and the talent it takes to be the kind that stands out from the others.

There will be two showings: one at 7pm and one at 9pm. Tickets are $12 at the door.

Hope to see you there!

La Paloma Theatre
471 S. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 436-7469

Check out the official trailer here. Music by Catch-22. Courtesy of Greentree Records and Steve Scavo.

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You know us, we always love a good surf clip, and this one’s no exception. It was a bummer when Sam Page blew out his knee, but even though it started out as an injury, you’ll be psyched that Sam … Continue reading

Many of you may already know Creed with accolades under his belt including former U/18 Australian Champion (2010), Runner-up U/16 Australian Titles (2009), and former winner of Taj’s Small Fries, Occy Grom Comp and Grom Search, but 18-year Australian surfer Creed McTaggart is just starting.

Get a sense of Creed’s surfing in a latest video, The Black & White Edits, which is a beautiful display of Creed’s surfing.

According to a review by Surfing Magazine: “Before the Hipster Police arrive and draw their weapons, allow us to forewarn. Yes, this entire edit is in black and white. Yes, it is pervaded with lifestyle clips. And yes, there are grainy film filters. But if any of that bothers you, maybe you should take a step back and look at the actual surfing. Creed’s got one of the best styles in the game and we ain’t talking hairdos. The slob at 1:54 is a good example of his skatey panache. Like Mason Ho, Creed is often a tracktop-less wonder. As the clip comes of age, we see Creed comboing bowls without the help of a kicktail. It’s enough to have even the sergeant of the HP surrender his badge, buy a fedora and become a fan of all things Creed McTaggert.”

We couldn’t agree more. The surfing is pretty rad and breathtaking… Creed is pretty inspired as he thrashes his way around Western Australia, jamming turns and airs in every possible pocket. It’s no wonder why he is by far one of the best 18 year olds in the world today.

Enjoy this 4-minute video shot by Wyatt Davies and Tom Jennings, and cut in-house be Kai Neville Studio. Music by Tombs, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo.

The Black & White Edits || CREED from epokhe on Vimeo.

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For our skateboarding fans who happen to make out East in the next month, check out BAMcinematek’s 24-film series, “Skateboarding Is Not A Crime,” a tribute to the best of skateboarding in cinema from the 1960s to the present.

The series, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal (yes, you read that right) will run from September 6-23, 2013 at the BAMcinematek and BAM Rose Cinemas. Hyping the subject as “the ultimate in counterculture coolness, “skating” has made an irresistibly sexy subject for movies thanks to its rebel-athlete superstars, SoCal slacker fashion, and jaw-dropping jumps, ollies, tricks, and stunts.” True that.

[caption id="attachment_3638" align="alignleft" width="590" caption="Source: BAM"][/caption]

This skateboarding film collection includes the classics from every era featuring The Devil’s Toy from 1966, Scott Dittrich’s Freestylin‘, Spike Jonze’s Yeah Right, and Hollywood classics like Gleaming The Cube and Thrashin’.

For more recent flicks, they’re also screening Waiting for Lightning (2012), a documentary on Danny Way’s 2005 jump over the Great Wall of China, and The Motivation (2013), which premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The Motivation follows eight premier skaters including Element’s very own, Njyah Houston, and Nixon’s Paul Rodriguez, in preparation for the Street League Championship World Tour.

Good stuff. Tickets: General admission: $13, BAM Cinema Club Members: $8, BAM Cinema Club Movie Moguls: Free. Seniors & Students (25 and under with a valid ID, Mon – Thurs): $9, Bargain Matinees (Mon – Thurs before 5pm and Friday – Sun before 3pm, no holidays): $9.

Check this link for the entire breakdown of all 24 films and a schedule of the screenings.

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Never heard of the Freedom Artists brand? Well, let’s give you a proper introduction. Freedom Artists, a Malibu, California-based independent art-based clothing label, has made it their mission to provide an environment that allows artists (with a background in surfing, skating and snowboarding) the freedom and independence to create and showcase some of their best work. The result? Pure, authentic and timeless tees and caps. Think art… but on apparel that you can wear. Here’s a sampling:

Freedom Artists Malibu’s Finest T Shirt
A graphic pen and ink look with a bold declaration of Malibu’s finest, the Malibu’s Finest t shirt features a screen print at the chest and a crew neck. Made of 100% cotton. Artist: Matt Wessen. $30.00.

Freedom Artists Water T Shirt
Showcasing a soft print of ocean waves in a weathered, vintage look, the Freedom Artists Water t shirt is made of 100% cotton. It features a screen print at the chest, a soft hand, and a crew neck. $30.00.

Freedom Artists Man Eat Shark T Shirt
The perfect tee for your buddy or guy that’s just a little afraid of our shark friends, the Freedom Artists Man Eat Shark t shirt features a screened logo at the chest of just that, a man eating a shark. Crew neck and made of 100% cotton. Artist: Matt Wessen. $30.00.

Freedom Artists Fins T Shirt
Brooding and ominous? The Freedom Artists Fins t shirt pretty much says “don’t mess with me.” Made of 100% cotton, it features a screened chest, a slim fit, and a soft hand. $30.00.

Freedom Artists Heaven Hell T Shirt
Whether you are a saint or a sinner, the Freedom Artists Heaven Hell white tee shirt will look good on you. This standard fit tee shirt features an all white colorway, a crew neck collar, short sleeves, and a lightweight cotton construction for comfort. The screened graphic on the chest makes it clear that heaven is the beach and hell is the city. Slim fit. Artist: Rai Shizuno. $30.00.

Freedom Artists Gamboa T Shirt
The perfect tee to adorn before and after shredding on your fave retro sled, the Freedom Artists Gamboa t shirt features a sublimated graphic, lightweight, and a slim fit. Made of 100% cotton. Artist: Brandon Arroyan. $30.00.

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