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For our skateboarding fans out there, if you haven’t already heard, Nyjah is back on top with another win under his belt. Last weekend, Element rider Nyjah Huston won the Street Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup World Championship of Skateboarding in Kimberley, South Africa.

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Trick highlights from Nyjah include a backside 270 lipslide and bs 270 noseblunt, nollie heel bs lipslide and switch fs bluntslide down the 4 block handrail.

Nyjah leaves South Africa with an extra $100,000, securing his place that he has won more prize money than any other skateboarder in history.

Nyjah was the third place qualifier for the event, behind Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez, but was untouchable in each of his three head-to-head matchups beating Matt Berger in quarterfinals, Lopez in semifinals and dominating Felipe Gustavo in finals.

It’s a great win for Nyjah after his loss to Chris Cole at the Street League Skateboard Super Crown last month in New Jersey. “I always have that redemption feeling after I lose a contest,” Nyjah said after winning. “But bottom line I’m just a competitive person so no matter how many contests I’ve won in the past or in a row or whatever I’m still going out here giving it my all and I always want to win.”

Here’s a video of his practice session where Nyjah puts down a backside BW 270 Flip lipslide, which has never been filmed in the history of skateboarding. Pretty good stuff.

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This past Monday marked Day 1 of the ISA World Longboard Championship (WLC) with firing waves that ranged from 6-8 feet at the world-class, left pointbreak in Huanchaco, Trujillo, on the northern coast of Peru.

The world’s best longboarders from 22 countries are competing for gold. Each National Team consists of up to 2 Open Men, 1 Open Women and 1 Junior Under-18, plus Team Officials.

[caption id="attachment_3717" align="alignleft" width="590" caption="USA - Taylor Jensen. Credit: ISA/ Rommel Gonzales"][/caption]

The confirmed countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela.

Longboarding has traditionally been included in the ISA World Surfing Games since 1988, but due to its growing popularity, this is its first stand-alone World Longboard Championship.

Huanchaco is known as the cradle of surfing in Latin America. The waves at Huanchaco allow the surfers to perform multiple maneuvers in a ride including critical turns, big cut backs, huge floaters and nose rides.

Remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre, “Peru is known for its ideal surfing conditions with consistent swell and great weather. The surfers will be practicing on the long lefts in preparation for the World Championship. Surf in the head high to overhead range is expected for the start of the competition. As I like to remind all athletes, even though only some of the competitors will win medals, they are all champions, having competed for their countries as members of their National Surfing Teams.”

The 2013 ISA World Longboard Championship is a double elimination competition, with the first two surfers always advancing to the next Qualifying Round. Surfers in third and fourth place move into the Repechage Round, giving them a second chance to advance. However, another third or fourth place finish, and they will be out of the competition

Below is the list of our confirmed USA Team:

Taylor Jensen (Open Men)
Tony Silvagni (Open Men)
Rachael Tilly (Open Women)
Nick Anderberg (Junior U-18)

Good luck!

For the webcast, click here and for the latest event’s results, click here.

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For our skateboarding fans who happen to make out East in the next month, check out BAMcinematek’s 24-film series, “Skateboarding Is Not A Crime,” a tribute to the best of skateboarding in cinema from the 1960s to the present.

The series, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal (yes, you read that right) will run from September 6-23, 2013 at the BAMcinematek and BAM Rose Cinemas. Hyping the subject as “the ultimate in counterculture coolness, “skating” has made an irresistibly sexy subject for movies thanks to its rebel-athlete superstars, SoCal slacker fashion, and jaw-dropping jumps, ollies, tricks, and stunts.” True that.

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This skateboarding film collection includes the classics from every era featuring The Devil’s Toy from 1966, Scott Dittrich’s Freestylin‘, Spike Jonze’s Yeah Right, and Hollywood classics like Gleaming The Cube and Thrashin’.

For more recent flicks, they’re also screening Waiting for Lightning (2012), a documentary on Danny Way’s 2005 jump over the Great Wall of China, and The Motivation (2013), which premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The Motivation follows eight premier skaters including Element’s very own, Njyah Houston, and Nixon’s Paul Rodriguez, in preparation for the Street League Championship World Tour.

Good stuff. Tickets: General admission: $13, BAM Cinema Club Members: $8, BAM Cinema Club Movie Moguls: Free. Seniors & Students (25 and under with a valid ID, Mon – Thurs): $9, Bargain Matinees (Mon – Thurs before 5pm and Friday – Sun before 3pm, no holidays): $9.

Check this link for the entire breakdown of all 24 films and a schedule of the screenings.

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You work hard, you deserve to reward yourself.

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