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We’re rooting on Element team riders Nyjah Huston and Mark Appleyard as they continue with the series in Glendale, AZ. With two wins under his belt, Nyjah is definitely the leader with 200 season points and is already guaranteed one of the ten spots in the New Jersey Championship. Continue reading

Congratulations to Element Skate Team rider Nyjah Huston who took first place at the first stop of the 2011 Street League DC Pro Tour in Seattle this past Sunday, May 8th. Nyjah scored the top spot with a score of 9.9 for his backside 270 Noseblunt slide. This score also wins him the honor of the best trick ever, to date, at Street League. For his feats, Nyjah gets a cool $150,000 for winning “gold” with a total score of 104.6, as well as securing another $15,000 for winning Monster’s best trick…

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Want to skate with pros like Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez? Come to our Mission Viejo store on April 16th to meet the Plan B skate team, demo some new skateboards, get autographs signed, and eat! There will be product giveaways and lots of fresh gear for sale, too!

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Just ‘cause we got surf in the name, doesn’t mean we’re not land animals. So when waters are rough, hit the concrete running. Check out some of our best selling skateboards yet. You want it, we got it and we’re packing Sector 9 cruisers and Plan B Decks. What’s your favorite board of all time? Continue reading

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