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Want to join more than 80,000 people to help protect our coast and shorelines? The 2011 California Coastal Cleanup Day is coming up this Saturday, and organizers are hoping to make this a record-breaking year by getting more than 100,000 people to come out and help the efforts.

Now in its 27th year, the California Coastal Cleanup Day is an annual beach and inland waterway cleanup effort and the state’s largest volunteer event. In 2010, over 82,500 volunteers removed more than 1.2 million pounds of trash and recyclables from beaches, lakes, and waterways.

Unfortunately, 80 percent of trash that gets into the ocean comes from inland areas through creeks and rivers. This trash, if not removed, can be harmful and even fatal to all manners of marine wildlife, can damage the state’s economy, and can even become a human health hazard. Coastal Cleanup Day encourages all citizens to join together to take care of the fragile marine environment, show community support for shared natural resources, and learn about the impacts of marine debris in a fun atmosphere.

The day also marks International Coastal Cleanup Day, an event that marks the largest effort around the world each year to keep our playgrounds clean. Organized by the Ocean Conservancy, this day helps to clean 145 million pounds of trash from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers, and the ocean on just one day each year.

Most clean ups start at about 9 a.m. and run until noon. Chances are clean ups are happening at your favorite major beach along the coast. There are about 800 cleanup sites in California, and worldwide there will be nearly nine million volunteers helping out in 152 countries and locations.

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What do you do with your old surfboards? That’s a question Artist/Graphic Designer Chris Anderson wants to pose to the surfing community, himself included. Currently in the process, Anderson, who is finishing his honors year at the University of Wollongong, Australia, chose a project near to his heart: the disposal of surfboards. Continue reading

It’s officially Earth Week! And Earth Day is designated as Friday, April 22nd. In observance of Earth Week, let’s help and be kind to the environment, starting today! It is estimated that 4,000-6,000 metric tons of chemical sunscreens wash off of swimmers annually worldwide. Up to 10% of coral reefs are threatened by this sunscreen-induced bleaching…

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Have you heard about Save Our Seas? It’s one of top surfer’s Laird Hamilton’s favorite organizations and causes, and we think it’s pretty cool, too. Save Our Seas (SOS) ( is an international Hawai’i based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization utilizing education and research to preserve, protect, and restore the world’s oceans for future generations. Continue reading

Your board had a good run while it lasted and you don’t dare throw it away. Give her a new lease on life by taking it to Cocoa Beach, FL or San Diego, CA for The Recycled Surfboard Art Program. It pained shop owner Jayme Noe to see boards, even broken ones, go to waste so with a little grit and little artistic help, visitors can now help transform old boards into works of sweet art. Continue reading