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Timothy Hogan, a still life photographer who also surfs has come up with a project that merges the both pieces of his life through his latest project featuring surfboard fins. “The Fin Project” is the latest visual exploration of the craft, history and people behind the fin.

Welcome to theFINproject from theFINproject on Vimeo.

“I wanted to merge two passions together and to contribute something to the sport because it is an overlooked part of surfing that has never gotten to seen the light of day,” Hogan says. “The fin inventors who have really allowed surfing to progress have never been given the recognition that they deserve. The fin is probably the most important evolutionary point in surfing.”

The mission is to honor the fin and its innovators as the defining variable in surfing’s progression. Through a comprehensive photographic study, “The Fin Project” will chronicle the stories, craftsmen and history of wave-riding fins, and show how the innovation of the fin has repeatedly led the sport of surfing to its latest developments of performance and style. A fine-art photography book, gallery show, and feature-length documentary film are also part of the project.

“I believe that developments in fin design from pioneers such as Tom Blake, Bob Simmons, George Greenough (to name a few) have propelled surfing more than any other single element in the history of the sport. They are surfing’s unsung heroes”, Hogan further explains.

Check it out. “The Fin Project” has released its first series of fine art photographs available for purchase online.

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Take a look inside the Mangiagli Factory in Hermosa Beach, with Becker Surfboards shaper James Wheatley as he prepares for a trip down south to Mexico. Along for the journey is lovely Becker Hermosa Sales Associate Samantha V., and longtime surfboard shaper and specialist Jose Barahona.

Seeing a square block of foam morph into a working piece of art is like watching a lump in the ocean turn into a perfect peeling wave. Both the board and the wave present themselves in one form, but both the same board and the same wave can be ridden so differently from surfer to surfer.

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SurfAid, the organization that is dedicated to improving the health, well-being and self-reliance of people living in isolated surf zones is holding their second annual SurfAid Cup at Malibu, California on Saturday, September 7th, 2013.

There’s still time for you to round up a team and compete.

The SurfAid Cup will be part of the MSA Classic Invitational, which is presented by the Malibu Surfing Association from September 7th – 9th. The SurfAid Cup at Malibu follows the enormous success of the BlackBerry SurfAid Cup events in Australia in Sydney and Margaret River.

The tag-team competition will involve eight teams, with a minimum of $5,000 to enter. Each SurfAid Cup team in order of their fundraising total will get to pick a pro surfer to join them, for a total of five surfers per team. The teams will then compete in one-hour heats, with four teams battling out the final.

Last year, the Malibu Mavericks team, with four-time ASP World Champion Lisa Andersen onboard, won the SurfAid Cup Malibu in one-to-two foot surf. Eight teams raised more than $60,000 for SurfAid with WindanSea winning the fundraising trophy.

Pro surfers who have confirmed they will compete include three-time ASP world champion Tom Curren, four-time ASP women’s world champion Lisa Andersen, 1976 world champion Peter Townend, 1977 world champion Shaun Tomson, and Courtney Conlogue, who is currently rated number four on the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour.

All funds raised go towards building stronger communities in the Mentawai, Nias, Telos and Banyak Islands, off Sumatra, Indonesia.

For more information on how to fundraise and register a team, go here.

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In just two weeks’ time, we’ll get to witness the world’s best surfers take on the world’s heaviest and everyone’s favorite big wave event, the Billabong Pro, Tahiti.

The Billabong Pro, Tahiti is stop number 6 of 10 on this year’s ASP World Tour and the contest waiting period is August 15-26, 2013. Cross your fingers that we’ll be lucky and see a swell like the last two years. If so, we’ll get to watch the world’s best surfers battle one of the most dangerous wavers ever, Teahupo’o! Here’s to hoping that the May swell riffling through Chopes is a sign of good surf to come.

Who you got winning this year? Aussie Mick Fanning won last year with a total score of 18.87, followed by runner-up, our very own Parko with a score of 18.37. Of course, we can’t discount Kelly. His record at how good he is at the famous left of Teahupo’o is incredible.

We’ll have to see. In the meantime, check out these two videos to get you in the proper mindset. The first is Fuel TV’s promo. The second one is the official teaser from Billabong.

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Becker Surfboards has had the recent fortune of working with local photographers Adam and Andrew Reynolds of BHB Surf. The collaboration has showed signs of success via “new age” social media, and “old school” traditional print media. At the beginning … Continue reading