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Want to surf like our current ASP World Champ? Or at least become the best surfer you can be? Then, get the new Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training App on your smartphone.

A couple years back Joel teamed up with one of the world’s leading Ironmen, Wes Berg, in an effort to re-energize his surfing and lengthen his lessons. “The extra conditioning allowed me to get the best out of my surfing. It let me surf harder, for longer, and it’s played a huge part in the success I’ve had in recent years.”

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Now you can get an inside look at Parko’s training, which has been refined over the years to better fit his needs, via this app, which follows the 10 stops of the World Tour. It’s loaded with 30 programs and over 150 surfing specific exercises from Joel & Wes to make you a stronger, faster, better surfer.

“There is nothing else out there like this that’s built just for surfers. Each exercise replicates the body movements used in surfing so what we do in the gym translates to the way surfers perform in the water,” said Wes Berg. “The app is for everyone from grommets through to elite surfers and gives them the tools to improve their confidence and performance.”

Follow the World Tour, train for different waves, record your sessions, and get your surfing body optimized. A must have download in our eyes!

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Fly Me To The Moon, a new documentary series about aerial surfing brought to you by Stab Magazine and Carlton Dry and started airing end of May, has a new episode out.

This latest episode (episode #4 of the 10(ish) part series) features adored freesurfer Dane Reynolds.

Get the inside scoop on Dane’s thoughts when it comes to airs, like who does the best airs (John John lands psycho stuff more consistently) and what airs make him cringe (i.e., air reverses).


If you missed the first episode, “The Death of the Air Reverse,” here’s the link. Continue reading

Becker Hermosa rider Ashley Beeson checked in from Hawaii, recently competing in the HIC Pro Jr. on the island of Oahu, representing Becker Surfboards proudly and having the time of her life. Continue reading

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Metal Neck, which premiered earlier this month in Costa Mesa, is, according to Stab Mag, the “new frontier of surf movies. Maybe. Or maybe not.” It’s an original new surfer film from Andrew ‘Droid’ Doheny and Matt Tromberg, and also stars Creed McTaggart, Ford Archbold, Bobby Okvist, and most importantly it stars Metal Jimmy.

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It was a long time coming and Tromberg and Droid “wanted to do our best to make it as original as possible.” Well, that they definitely did – it’s not like your usual surfing flicks. “It’s all freesurfing, it’s pretty relaxed and fun. Some parts are fast and might get you amped, but some parts are more slowed-down and chilled. I jumped in on the editing a lot and gave my two-cents. Matt Tromberg and I worked on it a lot together, but it’s mostly Tromberg’s project and he edited it,” said Droid.

So, check out the trailer here for a whole new take on surf films:

And if you want to watch the entire film, here it is, too:

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