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Last week, Element sponsored skater Nyjah Huston won the opening contest of the Street League Skateboarding tour and the top prize of $150,000, edging out second-place EU Selection winner Bastien Salabanzi, who nearly took him out with a double kickflip front boardslide. Huston also won an additional $10,000 for best trick (landing a kickflip backside noseblunt slide).

The Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy continues to present the largest purse and highest stakes in all of competitive skateboarding with 24 of the best professional skateboarders in the world competing for more than $1.6MM in prize money and the title as Street League Champion.

This was Street League win number five for Huston in three seasons of Street League. The talented 17-year-old.has earned over $1,100,000 in prize money for his feats.

The Final Results from Stop 1:
1. Nyjah Huston
2. Bastien Salabanzi
3. Chaz Ortiz
4. Paul Rodriguez
5. Chris Cole
6. Ryan Sheckler
7. Sean Malto
8. Mikey Taylor

But, it’s just the beginning so here’s the rest of the schedule for the year:

Stop Two: June 15 – 16th – Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, CA
Live on ESPN2, June 16 – 9:30PM ET

Stop Three: July 14 – 15th – Arena, Glendale, AZ
Live on ESPN2, July 15 – 7:00PM ET

Championship: August 26th – Prudential Center, Newark, NJ
Live on ESPN2, August 26th – 5:00PM ET

We’re betting there will be a few more wins for Huston during the season. Do you agree or do you think another skater will win the next events and the overall tournament? Sound off! Continue reading

Next weekend, from May 26th-28th, retailer Local Motion (known for being the source for Hawaii’s favorite surf and beachwear) will once again be putting on the Surf Into Summer Contest at Ala Moana Bowls on the South Side Of Oahu. This year’s … Continue reading

Billabong gave Garrett McNamara props for his wave last week, and now the Guinness World Records acknowledges it, too. The Guinness World Record Agency has just credited the 44-year old Hawaiian pro surfer’s wave caught in Nazare, Portugal, Nov 1, 2011 as the largest ever, beating the 2008 record by more than 1 foot.

McNamara was already awarded the Biggest Wave Award last Friday (also snagging a $15,000 prize) at the Grove in Anaheim during the 2012 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards (in addition to Wipeout of the Year). But, now his ride (at 78 feet) is official in the books as the largest wave ever ridden.

McNamara caught the monster wave in Praia do Norte off the coast of Nazaré. The Nazaré Canyon, a deepwater canyon that measures 170 kilometers long and 5 kilometers deep, is home to one of the only deepwater canyons that run all the way to shore. McNamara performed this feat during the ZON North Canyon Show 201.

McNamara told The Associated Press that the ride of his life was a fluke. “I knew it was big, but I didn’t know how big,” he said.

McNamara said he didn’t care at first about whether the wave was a record, but was urged by the townspeople in Nazare, Portugal, to get some kind of confirmation. He said he sent the footage and pictures to surfing legend and Billabong judge Sean Collins, who guessed the wave was 85 to 90 feet tall. Collins died in December.

Judges for the Billabong XXL awards, considered the official arbiters of big-wave surfing, pored over footage and high-resolution still images from several angles to calculate a more accurate estimate, event director Bill Sharp told the AP. They used McNamara’s height in a crouch and the length of his shin bone to help compare it to the wave’s top and bottom, Sharp said.

McNamara, who began surfing at age 11 and went pro at 17, said the achievement became more important to him when he realized it could help him urge more people to follow their passions.

Congrats on an awesome feat! Continue reading

The world’s best surfers on the ASP World Tour arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil today for the Billabong Rio Pro, the 3rd men’s event of 10 in this year’s quest for the best in surfing. This event runs from May 9-20.

This latest stop on the ASP World Tour also sees the men’s and women’s tours aligning for the first time since the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach on April 3-14. Last year, Adriano de Souza beat Taj Burrow in the final, while Carissa Moore beat Sally Fitzgibbons on her way to winning the women’s world title.

Yesterday, Kelly Slater, who is currently sitting at the top of the overall standings, withdrew from the Billabong Pro Rio due to a heel injury sustained in Java. With Slater’s withdrawal, the current frontrunner spot on the ASP WCT ratings is up for grabs in Rio de Janeiro. At this time, Slater is followed by Adriano de Souza and Billabong’s own Taj Burrow is currently in third. Mick Fanning (fourth) and Jordy Smith (fifth) are both well placed to take advantage in Brazil.

The women, meanwhile, will be competing in their fifth event. Stephanie Gilmore is still out in front after two wins and a second place, but Sally Fitzgibbons (second) and reigning world champion Carissa Moore (fifth) are close behind.

We’re looking forward to watching the action… in hot and sexy Brazil. The LIVE webcast will be available at

Who do you think will be the hottest surfers to come out on top? Continue reading

Surfing Magazine puts out a surfing rule book in their magazine (almost) every month, and have even turned it into a Twitter account (@SURFINGRulebook). They’re loaded with both funny and actual rules all surfers should live by, so we thought we’d share 15 of our favorites here:

Rule No. 629: Inside the car, your surfboard is a projectile.

Rule No. 411: If you’ve already put on sunscreen, a wetsuit or a leash, you’re paddling out.

Rule No. 323: Have a favorite surf photo, and be able to find it quickly.

Rule No. 115: If you didn’t surf all winter, get to the back of the line.

Rule No. 483: Every great surfer is secretly expert at one of the following: fishing, pool skating, lifesaving, bodysurfing.

Rule No. 282: Strong shoulders, better waves; strong legs, better surfing.

Rule No. 198: Arms below shoulder-height at all times.

Rule No. 343: Never let total surfboards owned exceed total sessions per month.

Rule No. 739: You surf faster after a haircut.

Rule No. 865: When selling a used board, it’s assumed fins are included.

Rule No. 116: 66 degree water, overcast skies and 7 a.m. are the toughest conditions to suit up for.

Rule No. 75: Never walk more than 200 feet in your wetsuit without a surfboard under your arm.

Rule No. 309: Wetsuits have gotten really good. Take a leak before you paddle out.

Rule No. 535: Never get out of the water before the guy with the car keys.

And last, but not least…

Rule No. 223: Never put the location of where you’re surfing in your Facebook status.

Do you have a favorite? What surf rules do you live by? Let us know, and we’ll tweet our your new rule! Continue reading