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The 14-minute film, “Beach 87th St./Surfing After Sandy” which features the Rockaway surfing community after Hurricane Sandy, is well worth a watch. Debuting this month and filmed by snowboarding brothers Jesse and Lukas Huffman about 34 days after the storm, the film reminisces what it was like on October 29, 2012 from the vantage point of J. Scott Klossner, Keone Singlehurst and Beth Perkins, bungalow dwellers on Beach 87th Street.

As a reminder, the storm surge hit on October 29 affecting 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine, and became the most devastating storm to hit New York and New Jersey since 1938. It was also the costliest storm to hit the region, with northeast surfing spots including Rockaway, being utterly destroyed – surf shops were flooded and blown away, boardwalks were ripped apart and the beaches were severely eroded.

The film starts off with painting the picture of last summer’s “them vs. us” vibe – the local, experienced surfers vs. novices from Williamsburg and other parts of Brooklyn, and the growing fight for waves. 7.1 million visited the beach last summer vs. an average of 3.4 million on prior years.

But after Superstorm Sandy, these once-dubbed “hipsters” became “helpsters.” After local Rockaway residents came to grips with all the loss they had experienced and realized they couldn’t rebuild alone and needed help, the newbie surfers who were once-stigmatized and blamed for robbing locals of waves in Rockaway showed up in droves to lend their hands. In the words of Beth Perkins, “[the surfing community] saved our butts.” They helped rip out soaked drywall, flooring, and helped distribute food and other necessities.

“We appreciate the help from Brooklynites, Manhattanites, and anyone else who came here,” said Keone Singlehurst, 42, a Rockaway surfer who lives with Perkins. “It has brought the surfing community together.”

Watch the short film to see gorgeous shots of the ocean, surfers, and beach lovers, as well as images of broken, damaged homes, and residents sifting through belongings that were destroyed by the hurricane. It will give you a warm fuzzy about what the surfing community is really about. “The surfer community is sort of like a family,” said Singlehurst.

For those looking to donate, our friends at Sector 9 are offering up a Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Tee in either black or white. It’s made of 100% organic cotton, and best of all 100% of the sales proceeds of each tee will be donated to the Waves for Water Hurricane Relief Initiative to support their disaster relief efforts in New York and New Jersey.

For more information, on the Waves to Water mission, go to

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No plans tonight? Join world renown surf photographer Steve Sherman for a night of storytelling accompanied with an epic slide show. The AI Forever/Who Would be King show will be showcased at The Privateer in Oceanside, CA Wednesday, January 15, 2013.

Sherman is one of Surfing Magazine’s most beloved staff photographers at large. Sherman started his photography career in high school working in the darkroom for the school paper. After he graduated, Sherman went to work for Transworld Skateboarding as a darkroom technician for Grant Brittain, which ultimately transitioned to his career as a photographer.

The event begins at 7 pm sharp and Sherman plans to share intimate stories to go with the Andy Irons images, along with providing the inside story on Kelly and Parko’s showdown at the Pipeline Masters last month.

It’s promised to be a special night! Plus, giveaways include some #aiforever /t-sherms collaborative shirts.

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The official 2013 teaser for the Mavericks Invitational just dropped and here it is. It showcases some nice, big waves in this edit.

The holding period, which began last November 9, 2012, with the traditional Opening Ceremony and Paddle Out, runs now until March 31, 2013. The actual contest day happens when wave height and weather conditions are perfect, and organizers make “the call” to hold the contest with 24-hour notice, excluding the following blackout dates:

22 Jan-1 Feb 2013
10-13 Feb 2013
27-28 Feb 2013
16-18 Mar 2013
27-29 Mar 2013

“These blackout dates are nothing new, but they do add another level of complexity to making the call for the right day to hold the contest,” notes a Mavericks Invitational press release.

Held at the legendary Mavericks surf break located just offshore Pillar Point Harbor, just north of Half Moon Bay, and 20 minutes south of San Francisco, The Mavericks Invitational is a one-day, invitation-only surfing competition and the world’s premier, big wave surfing event. It is now part of the Big Wave World Tour.

After a strong winter storm in the northern Pacific Ocean, waves can routinely crest at over 25 feet and there’s even a claim that November 21, 2001 was a “100-foot Wednesday.” The Mavericks big-wave break, called a “voodoo wave” by Surfer magazine in 1992 is caused by an unusually-shaped underwater rock formation. Very few riders become big wave surfers; and of those, only a select few are willing to risk the hazardous conditions at Maverick’s.

This year, GoPro has signed on as the presenting sponsor. GoPro, maker of one of the world’s most versatile cameras which has produced some of today’s most engaging content, has made a two-year commitment to the contest.

The association with BWWT allows those surfers who are part of the tour to use their performance at Mavericks as part of their overall scoring for the season.

Forecasters are anticipating a relatively active North Pacific this winter, which is great news for big-wave contests everywhere in the Western Hemisphere, including The Mavericks Invitational… as long as it doesn’t land on a blacked out date.

Below is the list of invitees. For additional details and to register for contest alerts, visit

1. Matt Ambrose (Pacifica, CA)
2. Ryan Augenstein (Santa Cruz, CA)
3. Grant “Twiggy” Baker (South Africa)
4. Chris Bertish (South Africa)
5. Carlos Burle (Brazil)
6. Ken “Skindog” Collins (Santa Cruz, CA)
7. Shane Desmond (Santa Cruz, CA)
8. Shawn Dollar (Santa Cruz, CA)
9. Shane Dorian (Hawaii)
10. Nathan Fletcher (San Clemente, CA)
11. Mark Healey (Hawaii)
12. Rusty Long (San Clemente, CA)
13. Greg Long (San Clemente, CA)
14. Alex Martins (Brazil)
15. Peter Mel (Santa Cruz, CA)
16. Ryan Seelbach (San Francisco, CA)
17. Kelly Slater (Florida)
18. Tyler Smith (Santa Cruz, CA)
19. Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)
20. Anthony Tashnick (Santa Cruz, CA)
21. Grant Washburn (San Francisco, CA)
22. Dave Wassel (Hawaii)
23. Ben Wilkinson (Australia)
24. Zach Wormhoudt (Santa Cruz, CA)

1. Tyler Fox (Santa Cruz)
2. Josh Loya (Santa Cruz)
3. Colin Dwyer (Pacifica)
4. Nic Lamb (Santa Cruz)
5. Danilo Couto (Brazil)
6. Derek Dunfee (San Diego)
7. Ben Andrews (San Francisco)
8. Andrew Marr (South Africa)
9. Travis Payne (Pacifica)
10. Ion Banner (Half Moon Bay)
11. Kohl Christensen (Hawaii)
12. Shawn Rhodes (Pacifica)
13. Mike Gerhardt (Santa Cruz)
14. Garret McNamara (Hawaii)
15. Russel Smith (Santa Cruz)
16. Jamie Mitchel (Australia)
17. Frank Solomon (South Africa)

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Happy New Year! If you’re one of the many who have decided that 2013 will be the year you will finally learn how to surf, we’re here for you! You will love it – surfing is great exercise, and it’s fun and relaxing. Plus, you’ll meet a lot of cool peeps, get a good tan, and it’s perfect for stress relief.

So, if you’re a newbie and this is one of the first times you’ll be trying to catch some waves, here are a few tips for you:

Get in shape
Start working on those arms, and get your balance intact. It will be a lot easier the first time you’re out on the water if you’re physically fit. So, work on your core strengthening (so pivotal for balancing on the board), and get ready for the continuous pushups you’ll have to do whenever you try and catch a wave. Oh yeah, being a good swimmer helps, too.

Equipment is very important
A beginner surfer needs a long board. The bigger the board; the better. Larger boards will give you greater stability (less side to side rocking) when attempting to stand. No matter how athletic you are, a smaller board is a complete waste of time for a beginner. We especially like our Becker JJ Wessels model if you want to sport a unique stylish old school single fin long board. The boards range from 9’0 to 9’6 so it’s great for beginners.

Wear a wet suit or rash guard long t-shirt
You’ll want to wear a wet suit to keep you warm since most surfing waters are chilly. Wet suits also act as a rash guard for your skin since you will rub up against your surfboard. Similarly, a rash guard acts as a barrier for the upper half of your body to keep your arms and torso from rubbing against the board. Check out our Billabong Foil Chest Zip 3/2, which is affordably priced at $169.50.

Get the surf “stance” down
Before you even get in the water, practice pushing up from your board and getting into your surf stance. Bend your knees and keep your arms out, focus on an unmoving object in front of you and keep your feet firmly planted. Once you’ve got it on dry ground, see how easy it is to try that in moving water!

Surf the white water
A fact: women generally learn to surf faster than men. Why? Women will pick the larger boards and are cool surfing the white water of small waves, while men will select small boards and go for the big waves but catch nothing. Surfing the white water of small waves is a good place to start as you practice the mechanics of standing up and balancing.

Keep trying and don’t give up
Your arms may be sore, and you may be tired of falling off your board, but keep trying and keep getting up. You’ll be stoked once you finally catch that wave!

Be safe and watch your board
Be careful of your board, as it is generally the greatest danger to your safety and others around you. When you fall, the board with its knife like fins is going to go flying into the air with a 20 foot trajectory from the leash. So, protect your head and face, and watch out every time you hit the water.

Don’t overdo it your first time out
Surfing will work out your back, neck, and shoulders, and paddling will exercise new muscles, too. So, when your muscles and back feel tired, give it a rest. Notice any signs of pain and discomfort in your back, and if you feel any tingling, it’s time to call it a day.

Take a Lesson
If all else fails, find a surfing school or an experienced surfer/teacher. They’ll get you to know the basics and fine tune your surfing skills.

Most importantly, have fun! Good luck and don’t forget to stop by Becker Surf for all your surfing equipment and apparel needs! Continue reading

Congrats to Billabong team rider Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31. Parko won the Bilabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons last Friday to clinch the 2012 ASP World Title. After 12 years on tour, he finally captured this accolade that had seemed so elusive for him. Prior to this win, Parkinson was just shy of the world title four times (2002, 2004, 2009, 2011).

Only Parkinson and reigning 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA), 40, were in contention for the world title heading into the final day. Parkinson needed to finish one position higher to claim the title. With Slater’s loss to Josh Kerr (AUS), 28, in the semi-final, Parkinson’s dream became reality. Parkinson went on to beat Kerr in the final.

“It’s very surreal feeling. I’ve got to pinch myself,” Parkinson said from the podium. “I feel like I still have to man up and surf another heat. But it’s all over. It’s done. . . I don’t know who sent me those waves in that final. And thanks to Andy for pushing those things in. To mother nature. He always will be a part of this event. Whatever anyone does at pipe it will never come close to what Andy did. . . One day you wake up feeling good the next day you wake up feeling like a loser. This morning I felt like a Champion when I woke up. Like Andy (Irons) always said ‘I got this, huh?’ I dedicate this to my family, Dad who used to take me to contests when I was 10, my wife and my mom and kids, this is all for us.”

Want to know a few more cool facts about our 2012 ASP World Champ? Here are a few cool facts about Parko from the Billabong website:

Years On Tour: 12
Stance: Regular
Favorite Spot: Kirra, Snapper Rocks (Aus)
Main Shaper: JS, from JS Industries
Travelling Quiver: Three 6’2”x18-3/8×2-1/4; 6’6”x18-3/8×2-1/4
Favorite Surfers: Occy, Matt Hoy
Training: Surfing, Running, Cross training
Favorite Music: Anything from Donavan to Metallica
Other Interests: Cars, Watching my favorite footy team play

On the personal front, Joel married his high school sweetheart, Monica, and they have three children: two daughters, Evie and Macy, and a son Mahli.

Here is the road to how Parko finally clinched the title:

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: 5th
Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: 3rd
Billabong Rio Pro: 2nd
Volcom Fiji Pro: 9th
Billabong Pro Tahiti: 2nd
Hurley Pro at Trestles: 2nd
Quiksilver Pro France: 3rd
Rip Curl Pro Portugal: 3rd
O’Neill Coldwater Classic: 5th
Billabong Pipe Masters: WINNER Continue reading