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Hey, Surfers, got a smart Phone? Then there are plenty of ways to stay connected to the surf. Here are five of the best mobile apps we’ve seen that any surfer should have on their phone for an enhanced surf experience. Note that the list is not in any particular order.

Check out all the ASP World Tour events in one place, all handily contained in this all-inclusive mobile app. The ASP To Go app allows you to keep tabs on your favorite surfers and stay up to date on results from each World Tour event. With streaming webcasts, this app gives you the ability to let you watch events live from your phone. Plus, it features in-depth information about each event during the contest, including live scoring, heat results, rankings, photos and video highlights for all contests around the world. Best of all, it’s free.

Seabreeze Free
If you’re in Australia and looking for the next wave, find it with Seabreeze Free. Australia’s #1 watersports website is now on your phone. Get forecasts and live weather for the major coastal locations around Australia, including 7 day wind speed and wind direction forecasts, 7 day tide predictions, 7 day wave height, wave direction and wave period predictions, and more. In addition, there’s massive listings of surfboards, kitesurfing gear, SUP, windsurfing, kayaking and other cool gear, so you can be totally hooked up if you’re down under.

NOAA Ocean Buoys
The official NOAA Buoys are essential tools that pro surfers use and you should, too. The NOAA Ocean Buoys App is your personal portal into checking current ocean conditions around the world. With access to live data transmitted from over 120 buoys spread across North America (including Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii), Europe, and the Caribbean, this app gives you access to buoy information about current swell, wind, temperature, and other weather conditions. Bookmark your favorite buoys to keep tabs on your go-to surf spots, getting the info you need for checking the surf on the go. According to ESPN, this app is “great for figuring out what’s going on when you wake up in the dark…without leaving your bed.” Price: $0.99.

Get Surfline’s premium forecasting services scaled down in a handy app version. The official Surfline app provides the most accurate surf reports and surf forecasts up to 5 days in advance for thousands of surf spots worldwide. Surfline is the only surfing app available with live streaming HD cams for over 140 locations in the US and Hawaii so you can now have the amazing short- and long-term forecasting tools at your disposal. The Surfline app is free, but it may be worth it to pay to be a premium member so you can access certain forecasting tools.

iSurf Pro
iSurf Pro, voted the #1 surf news app by dozens of surf magazines worldwide, gives you instant access to the latest surf news from a collective assortment of leading surf publications, journals and websites, including SURFER Magazine. Plus, with iSurf’s videos, blogs, articles and more, you’ll have a steady flow of surf content in your pocket and your hand so you’ll always be one step ahead in the surf world. Price: $1.99.
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Tired of your old board and need a new one? Here are some good tips that we’ve spotted that can help you move that old foam quickly, and for more. Here are eight insider tips in used board sales. (You can thank us later).

Tip One:
Sand the board everywhere to give it that fresh, just-out-of-the-factory sanded look. Make sure to get dings fixed professionally — a “watertight” board is key.

Tip Two:
Re-wax the board. Don’t leave your old crusty layer (ugly) and don’t strip the wax entirely (shows pressures on the deck). Instead, give it a fresh white wax coat.

Tip Three:
Slapping sponsor stickers some serious cache — as if some pro has just dropped it off after barely one session in use. Hey, who doesn’t want a pro’s board? The trick works marvelously.

Tip Four:
Take the fins out of the board (but include them in the sale). It will act as a free bonus in the mind of the buyer. Jedi mind trick or a good grasp of consumer psychology?

Tip Five:
Never look desperate to sell the board. Act like you love it, but you have too many other good boards right now.

Tip Six:
If the shop guy asks you what’s wrong with the thing, just tell him how it doesn’t work as well as you wanted in ten-to twelve-foot waves.

Tip Seven:
Watch your calendar for when to sell. Weekends are best, with loads of foot traffic in shops and people scoping online. List your board early Saturday and watch the offers come in. If necessary, re-list again Sunday morning so you’re back on top of the list.

Tip Eight:
Last but not least, don’t try to hide cracks or lie about them if you can’t fix them without a costly repair job. Just let the buyer decide whether it really needs a fix. You’ll feel good you were on the up-and-up.

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21-year old Billabong Team Rider and resident Aussie Laura Enever has got lots going on, and it’s anything but dull. She’s free and lively, and this latest digital short from GoodCheer shows that she’s ready to take whatever life hands her way.

Im Laura is the first episode of a quarterly series that follows what Laura calls the most amazing year of her life. Episode one, A New Beginning, kicks off on the Gold Coast at the Roxy Pro, where Laura shows why she’s in her 3rd year competing on the ASP World Tour with slick moves and natural surfing skills. And then there’s her other side, where we see Laura kickin’ back and having fun out at the birthday party of a young pal named Pacha.

Having racked up several major accolades such as 2008 Triple Crown Rookie of the Year, and 2008 ISA and 2009 ASP World Jr Champion, coupled with her bold, edgy and fun style, Laura is on the brink of huge things both in and out of the water.

Check out Laura’s site here:

And watch episode one here:

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Smart surfers know that it’s not just about shaping and surfing skills, but their equipment that can be key to a good ride. I mean, did you know that having two sets of fins can make it seem like you have more surfboards? Fins play a decisive role in surfing and surfboard performance. So, how to choose a set of new fins? Although surf fins have lots of different characteristics that will affect a surfer’s ride (including material, flexibility, and size), below is the quick rule of thumb.

Larger Fins: Get larger fins if you are a larger, heavier surfer. You’ll want a fin set with more surface area to provide more hold. Strong, powerful surfers should also consider a fin with more area. If your board has a wide tail, you’ll also require more fin area.

Smaller Fins: Get smaller fins if you want to make your board more forgiving. Smaller fins generally have more flexibility and it will help loosen a stiff board. Boards with narrower tails and thicker rails will also require less fin area.

With that in mind, here are a few of our top selling fins:

Future Fins FAM2 Techflex Fins
The Future Fins AM2 Techflex fins are a popular template for the light footed large surfer. The large base with medium tip helps with powerful bottom turns and releasing the fins off the top. Try this laid back template in wrapping point breaks. $84.00.

FCS PG-5 Fins
The PG-5’s are very popular among the pros and are perfect for a variety of conditions and wave heights. This medium sized fin template will offer greater performance and liven up most any board. This is a perfect setup if you’re looking for a renowned, high performance design with excellent drive, pivot, and hold all across the board. $85.00.

Surfco Hawaii 4.5 Thruster Set
Super Flex Fins are Pro Teck Fins with a soft flexible core and soft edges, making it the ultimate safety fin for beginners, surf schools, and board rentals. Super Flex Fins are also for the surfer who wants a fun, very easy to turn and forgiving ride. $38.00.

Future Fins Jordy Fin
This fin is the first of a series of Futures fins to be designed by Jordy Smith, geared towards high performance surfing in all conditions. Representing Jordy’s in-depth knowledge of his equipment, the fin features a large area that suits his big frame perfectly. It also has a wider base and thinner tip, and a template with laid back lines, accentuating Jordy’s effortless approach to a tee. $90.00. Continue reading

If you haven’t noticed, Hurley has been doing a series of videos this year: One & Only.

There have been episodes featuring World Champion Carissa Moore and recently, Kolohe Andino.

Now, one of our favorite One & Only episode shows Santa Barbara’s Conner Coffin take his signature power and style to Hawaii and Lowers before putting on a backhand tube clinic at Teahupoo. Showing that power surfing is still alive and kicking, Conner’s One & Only edit is one enjoyable little ditty to showcase that sentiment.

According to Conner, “Perry and I have worked on mine over the last few weeks and I’m pretty pumped on how it turned out. It’s mostly just some random bits and pieces of footage that we accumulated over the little while. Some Hawaii leftovers, a lowers session and then a quick Tahiti trip. The song is by a local Carpinteria band called Pleasure. They shred.”

Enjoy this edit and get lost in for a few:

If you want to see more from Conner, including his favorite Hurley product, check out at, which of course includes the One & Only Classic T Shirt Men’s T $19.99, which you can get here!

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