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If this official teaser doesn’t get you psyched for The Roxy Pro, then we’re not sure what it will take!

Every year for the last eight years, the Roxy Pro has brought together the world’s best female surfers to the lovely South French locale of Biarritz for an original blend of elite surfing and top class music.

The Roxy Pro, Biarritz, is the second to last stop on the women’s world tour and, usually, the location where the world champ is crowned. From the opening party at Bar de la Côte, to the final day of the waiting period, the world’s top 17 females light up Côte des Basques for one of the year’s most exciting events.

We’re psyched! Get ready because from July 10th to 14th, the Roxy Pro will be playing host to the only French stage of the 2013 ASP women’s world tour and electrically charging up Europe’s surfing capital.

If you can’t make it to Biarritz, then no worries! You can still join in all the fun online with the live broadcast on plus join the conversation using #ROXYPRO on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram!

P.S. In case you’re wondering #WhoAmIJustGuess is on the official teaser… it is the beautiful and talented Rosy Hodge.

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Every year, we watch the world’s best surfers gather at the coolest surf towns in the world. But what do we actually know about these ASP towns? In case you feel like channeling your inner Parko and heading to these warm, exotic locales to catch some of the best waves in the world, we’ve done our best attempt to break it down for you.

So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, here’s a guide to those perfect, glassy swells that qualify for ASP World Tour locale material:

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, United States
Let’s start with the big one – the one that pretty much decides our ASP World Champ. Pipeline is the daddy of all waves. Most surfers will never be good enough to surf here, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of one day (maybe) riding its perfect crest. Aptly, it’s located at the island that created surfing, and is one of the heaviest waves in the world. If you can tackle it, you won’t regret surfing this flawless water tube and experiencing one of nature’s finest.

2. Keramas, Bali, Indonesia
Ask just about any pro surfer, and they’ll name Bali as one of their top three surf beaches, since this paradise island can boast abundant world-class breaks all over. This year, the first elite tour event in Indonesia since 2008 will be happening at Keramas, an internationally-recognized venue of high-performance surfing. While the righthand reef break of Keramas will serve as the primary venue, performance-oriented beachbreaks of nearby Canggu has been noted as a backup location. We look forward to the ASP Top 34 doing battle here for years to come.

3. Gold Coast, Australia
Another of the world’s finest breaks, the Gold Coast consists of a bunch of righthand pointbreaks. South-to-North, these are: Snapper/Rainbow, Greenmount (Coolangatta beach), Currumbin (The Alley) and Burleigh. Plus there’s a new artificial reef at Narrowneck. There’s also miles of beachbreak, which can be just as enjoyable. We suggest you road trip up the east coast of Australia and take your pick. Each bay is set up for the Australian national sport and you’ll be able to rent boards in most locations. You may well have the ride of your life, which will produce tubes and solid walls.

4. Barra de Tijuca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Rio is a metropolis with rich cultural heritage, loads of beautiful people, and a huge center located with a breath-taking cathedral of 2,000 foot mountains bordering Guanabara Bay, with a massive statue of Jesus Christ overlooking all. Brazil offers year round warm weather and there are some good waves to be had. Between April and October, South Brazil garners swells from the east and south with powerful Antarctic swells that can get up to 10 feet. Its crowning surf jewel? Barra Da Tijuca, a fun wave for all surfers with rights and lefts, and the site of this year’s Billabong Rio Pro.

5. Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island, Fiji
Tavarua Island Resort, the heart shaped island in the South Pacific, is the premier surf and water sport resort in Fiji, and offers something for everyone. Cloudbreak, however, is a difficult wave to surf and is strictly for experts. The only way to surf Cloudbreak is to check into the Tavarua Surf Resort in Fiji. Cloudbreak is almost a perfect left, and has three main sections: the point (also called “the top”), the middle, and the inside (also called “Shish Kabobs”). The inside looks like the safest bet to most newcomers, but the boat drivers will tell you otherwise. The point and the middle are actually more rippable, and the inside is not called “Shish Kabobs” for nothing: the reef gets really shallow there, and it is very sharp.

6. Teahupoo, Taiarapu, French Polynesia
In the middle of the South Pacific lies the islands of French Polynesia. Amidst the incredible natural beauty, warm weather and plenty of waves, lies Teahupoo, one of the heaviest and scariest waves on the planet just off the shore of Tahiti Iti. “Chopes” is one of the high spots on the ASP World Tour, and is also one of the most challenging waves of the season. Known for the surf break and heavy, glassy waves offshore, often reaching 7 to 10 feet, and sometimes up to 21 feet, Teahupo’o is included on Transworld Surf’s list of the’ Top 10 Deadliest Waves’ and is commonly referred to as the “heaviest wave in the world”.

7. Trestles, California, United States of America
Trestles is a collection of surfing spots at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego. Trestles consists of, from north to south, Upper Trestles (Uppers), Lower Trestles (Lowers), and Middle Trestles (Middles). Lower Trestles is arguably the best surf break in the mainland United States, and is California’s premier point/reef break and a world-class showcase for high-performance surfing. It is here where the most futuristic maneuvers in surfing are attempted and perfected, and this world famous surfing break is known for consistently producing contestable waves.

8. Hossegor, France
Located on the Atlantic, expert surfing spot Hossegor has been dubbed the “surfing capital of Europe,” and has long been one of Europe’s premier surfing locations, with a series of world-class beach breaks such as Gravière and La Nord, and with nearby beach breaks in Capbreton and Seignosse such as La Piste and Bourdaines. Well known as a seaside resort and surfing center, it is considered as one of the best surfing locales in the world, with the city’s economy totally centered around surfing. People come from miles around to watch the pros ride tubes, and heavy walls break on the unnervingly shallow sandbank.

9. Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia
Bells Beach, a coastal locality of Victoria, Australia and a renowned surf beach, is the home of the world’s longest-running surfing competition – the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival, which was first held in January 1961. Bells Beach is a small bay and straight stretch with two headlands facing the Southern Ocean. Bells Beach has waves of ten to thirteen feet on good surfing days rising to as high as 16 feet depending on tide and wind conditions. The final scene of the film, “Point Break,” is set at Bells Beach (although the actual scene was not filmed there).

10. Peniche/Cascais, Portugal
Peniche, a seaside municipality and a city in Portugal, is known for its long windy beaches, and as Europe’s most consistent and flexible surf spot, has very good waves. The Peniche Peninsula is considered ideal for both novice and expert surfers. There are a wide variety of waves – sand, reef, left, right, hollow, mellow – all within a few minutes of each other. Supertubos is the most popular wave in the region, with very fast and powerful (tubular) waves that look so similar to the Hawaiian Banzai Pipeline that many now refer to it as the “European Pipeline.” The world-class wave found at Supertubos is being touted as one of the best beach breaks in the world. Waves can reach up to 13 to 16 feet in height, drawing their power from the long and deep swells which are fuelled by the Atlantic Ocean.

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Remember how you felt after finishing high school, college, and/or graduate school? Woohoo! Years of studying, cramming, and writing late night papers, and now it’s over. Finish line crossed. Now it’s time to reward yourself or someone you know with a little somethin’ somethin’!

Since we want to celebrate our rad grads out there, we’ve compiled a graduate gift guide that’s sure to get your rad grad feeling that all that studying was well worth it.

Billabong 302 SGX Xero GBS Full Wetsuit
Billabong wetsuits are made by surfers for surfers, and this one is no exception. The Billabong SGX Series is the world’s lightest wetsuit that fits about as well as an additional set of skin, yet is expressively warmer than many other suits out on the market. Give Taj a run for his money. $439.50.

Billabong 302 SOL SG5 Chest Zip Full Wetsuit
You won’t go wrong with snagging one of our best selling wetsuits. Part of Billlabong’s utilitarian SG5 wetsuit line, the 302 Sol CZ Wetsuit is loaded with high-tech features to deliver tons of bang for your buck. Features ZG400 neoprene for flexibility and durability, chest-zip entry for easy on and off, and a classic 3/2 thickness which keeps you prepared for cool-water temperatures roughly between the low 50s to mid 60s (Fahrenheit). $339.50.

Becker Malibu Super Sport
If your reward for getting your degree was to finally master the waves, longboards are the way to go, and the Becker Malibu Super Sport Surfboard is the perfect one to get you well on your way to riding the tide. The Malibu shaped surfboard is the board of choice for most aspiring surfers as a great beginner’s board but it’s also one that many seasoned surfers go back to for its easy maneuverability. Designed with classic lines for good control and a smooth ride, you won’t go wrong with this great traditional single fin nose rider in a pretty sweet shade. $950.00

GO PRO HD Hero 3 Camera
How else can you capture that twelve set you just ollied or that barrel you’ve surfed? Go Pro gives you professional quality footage and audio so you can document yourself landing all those perfectly executed tricks. Just mount the Go Pro using the helmet front mount and you’ll capture all the sick footage. The batteries last over 2.5 hours so go ahead and splurge for it! There’s no better way to capture your memories. $399.99.

Retail Gift Card
Stoke your SoCal buddies with a gift card good for purchases at any of our Southern California retail locations! From Malibu to Hermosa Beach, Mission Viejo to Corona Del Mar, Huntington Beach to Encinitas, card holders will be sure to find a location nearby and the gear that they dig.
Note that these gift cards are valid for use only at our retail store locations, and cannot be used for purchases here, online, at

Online Gift Card
If you haven’t stepped foot in a retail store in years and you’re all about online shopping, click on this link to check out our online gift certificates instead. online gift certificates make a perfect gift for any occasion! Simply fill out the names of the giver and recipient, together with a denomination and a delivery option, and we’ll take care of the rest. Continue reading

Temps are finally getting warmer! Time for a music festival (or two), and get your summer steez in gear. You’ll have to battle heat, humidity and of course the wild, open air of the creative vibes that surround a music fest so make sure you’re sporting the right look with some fab fash you can get from Becker Surf!

Bright & Printed left to right: Havaianas Slims Sandal, Billabong Take Me There Bag, Element Fable Dress, Billabong Canyon Cruz Backpack & RVCA Chili Short

Short Shorts left to right: Billabong Lite Hearted Short in Peacoat, Billabong Show Me Skirt, Billabong Laneway Short & Billabong Lite Hearted Short in Light Well Worn

Crochet Cutie left to right: Billabong Liv For Lov Sweater, Billabong Cabana Hat & Billabong Tread Lightly Sandal

Flirty Fringe left to right: Roxy Aquarius Bag, RVCA Laced Intentions Top & Roxy Native Breeze Dress

Neutral Gal left to right: RVCA Speak Up T Shirt, RVCA Supertubos Tank, Billabong Go With The Sun Top, Element Tamblin Hat & RVCA Sprint Voice Trucker Continue reading

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