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In just two weeks’ time, we’ll get to witness the world’s best surfers take on the world’s heaviest and everyone’s favorite big wave event, the Billabong Pro, Tahiti.

The Billabong Pro, Tahiti is stop number 6 of 10 on this year’s ASP World Tour and the contest waiting period is August 15-26, 2013. Cross your fingers that we’ll be lucky and see a swell like the last two years. If so, we’ll get to watch the world’s best surfers battle one of the most dangerous wavers ever, Teahupo’o! Here’s to hoping that the May swell riffling through Chopes is a sign of good surf to come.

Who you got winning this year? Aussie Mick Fanning won last year with a total score of 18.87, followed by runner-up, our very own Parko with a score of 18.37. Of course, we can’t discount Kelly. His record at how good he is at the famous left of Teahupo’o is incredible.

We’ll have to see. In the meantime, check out these two videos to get you in the proper mindset. The first is Fuel TV’s promo. The second one is the official teaser from Billabong.

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Becker Surfboards has had the recent fortune of working with local photographers Adam and Andrew Reynolds of BHB Surf. The collaboration has showed signs of success via “new age” social media, and “old school” traditional print media. At the beginning … Continue reading

Watch 22-year old Michael Dunphy shred some waves in Mexico. “Dunphy” as he is known to his friends, is a top ranked junior pro from Virginia Beach. Dunphy definitely lights up some small wave sizzle before dancing with the tube … Continue reading

What’s cuter than a girl that surfs? A lovely girl that can sing too.

Join us tomorrow night, Saturday, July 27th at 7pm, when South Bay locally grown band The Hollow Legs will be hitting the stage at Sainte Rocke Hermosa Beach to promote their new EP.

Kira, one of our lovely Ms. Shredders of Becker Surfboards Hermosa fronts the band with her country-mermaid voice. She and her 3 rock and roll band mates (Rich Calkins, Mason Wright, & Danny Peyton) will make your feet groove and swing all while her voice takes your soul.

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Yesterday morning on July 25, Surf City USA’s Main Street was blocked off to honor the newest class of inductees to the Surfing Walk of Fame. The new inductees were selected by a panel of surf industry veterans, former pros and surf journalists from a field of hundreds of candidates.

The seven 2013 Surfing Walk of Fame’s honorees in their respective categories are: Donald Takayama (Surf Pioneer), Taylor Knox (Surf Champion), Jack McCoy (Surf Culture), Keala Kennelly, Sharron Weber (Women of the Year), Roy Crump (Local Hero) and Father Christian Mondor (Honor Roll).

“It’s amazing to think back 20 years ago when we laid the first stone in the cement here for Duke Kahanamoku,” emcee, former World Champion and previous SWOF inductee Peter ‘PT’ Townend addressed to the crowd. “Now, we’re up to 120 stones.”

After a brief presentation to Mayor Jean Hay of Manly, Australia in recognition of Manly and Huntington Beach joining together as sister cities, this year’s inductees were honored one by one.

Here are more details on the 7 honorees:
1) Donald Takayama, fondly called “The Happy Hawaiian” by emcee Townend, came as a young boy from Hawaii and started shaping surfboards. “Everyone knows him as a shaper but he’s also a surfing champion.” Takayama’s widow Diane confirmed: “Surf Pioneer is the best title. Donald really did it all.”
2) Taylor Knox’s induction as Surf Champion was the morning’s highlight. Knox addressed his fellow inductees and a capacity crowd on Main Street. “The message for today is how lucky we are to be one ocean tribe,” Knox said. “We get to travel and see beautiful places. And that spirit is so prevalent and has never been lost.”
3) The Surf Culture honor went to legendary filmmaker Jack McCoy. Known for his high-quality surf movies including Tubular Swells (1976), Bunyip Dreaming (1990), The Green Iguana (1992), Sabotaj (1998), Blue Horizon (2004), Free as a Dog (2006) and his latest A Deeper Shade of Blue (2012), among others.
4) Keala Kennelly shared this year’s Woman of the Year award with Sharron Weber. Kennelly, a multiple XXL winner, has been on the global big-wave scene since retiring from full-time ASP competition in 2007. “There’s two things you want when you come to Huntington Beach,” Kennelly said. “You want to win the U.S. Open and have your name in the pavement. Now I have both.”
5) Sharron Weber was a former U.S. Champion and World Champion throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s.
6) Longtime HB surfer Roy Crump was recognized as the Local Hero.
7) Finally, Huntington Beach’s surfing priest Father Christian Mondor earned the Honor Roll spot.

The Surfing Walk of Fame is the only tribunal in surfing to award specific categories as well as require a 10-year margin since the commemorating achievement. This year’s recipients are now cemented alongside past inductees, earning their immortal place in the pavement on the corner of PCH and Main Street.

Past recipients of the Surfing Walk of Fame honors include Duke Kahanamoku, Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderson, Tom Curren, Bruce Brown, and Eddie Aikau.

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Congratulations to these deserving folks, whose contributions have absolutely shaped the surf industry!

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