Becker - Old School Fish Surfboard


Old School Fish Surfboard

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Don’t let the old school name fool you, this puppy will school you hard if you blink after any move you make. You need to think fast and be ready to move even faster on this 70’s beauty. Ridden short and wide, this guy picks up waves like you can’t believe. You hardly need any wave power to run it, so it just flies in smaller waves. Add some power to the waves and hang damn on! it is about as much skating as surfing, but style does matter and watching someone who knows what they are doing riding one of these is a true treat. We sure don’t miss bellbottom pants, but we sure are glad phil and the boys brought back one of the best rides ever built! ride one and see, you will be very stoked. Don’t be afraid of the size, these guys are wide, and the thickness carries, so they paddle pretty darn good in the small sizes.

the 6’0" pup we measured was 21 1/2" wide, had a 17" nose and a 17" tail... Thickness was 2 3/4"

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