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JJ Wessels Model

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Want a unique stylish old school single fin long board? Look no further. The JJ Wessels model is here. JJ is one of the most stylish surfers on the California Coast. His endless nose rides and fluid turns will make you want one of these models for yourself. The shape is a full template low rocker 50/50 rail with up rails the last 1/3 or the tail design. The boards range from 9’0 to 9’6 with an 18 ½ inch nose and 15 ½ tail. Glassed all 8oz. As a nose rider they don’t get much better than this. The low rocker will send you through those hard to make sections. The board has a very unique look with a resin tint or opaque color deck and resin swirl bottom. No two boards are alike. You will have a true one of a kind surf board.

9’0 x 23 x 3
9’6 x 23 ¼ x 3 ¼

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